Determine the type of hair

The main reason for improper hair care is the wrong type of hair. This topic concerns many of us, so below we will talk about how to determine the type of your hair and how to properly care for them.

There are several types of hair: normal, dry, fatty, combined type. The structure of the hair is thin, smooth, curly, wavy, brittle and split. To styling looked perfect, when selecting a haircut, all this must be taken into account.

Dry hair type

Dry hair is thinner than usual and much more sensitive to adverse effects of the environment, chemistry and cosmetics. Reduced fatty scalp adversely affects the shine and elasticity of the hair, making them brittle and dull. This can lead to the appearance of dry dandruff, settling on clothes after combing in the form of dust of white color. With such hair, there are difficulties in laying after washing, they are difficult to comb. They are easily confused and fractured, often split at the ends. After 1-2 days after washing the head, dry small dandruff may appear.

Get shine and elasticity of dry hair will help supplementary nutrition, improving blood circulation and normalizing fat metabolism. Invaluable help in the treatment will be masks and compresses made from vegetable oils (jasmine, mint, burdock, caste, soybean, olive, etc.).

How to care for dry hair

Bold hair type

Oily hair - a consequence of increased activity of sebaceous glands on the scalp. The type of nutrition, the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the food - in some way it affects the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. For the beauty and health of a fatty type of hair, one should strive to consume as little as possible of sugar-containing products - this will put the endocrine system in order.

With the problem of fatty hair, young people most often come across, although this occurs in the representatives of the mature age. The lack of special care gives the hair a characteristic lackluster shine, after a certain time after washing (an average of 2-3 days, but sometimes a few hours), fluff disappears, there is a gluing of the hair into separate strands in the form of icicles: this looks, obviously, ugly .

  • Care for oily hair: masks, treatment
  • Oily hair: how to disguise
  • Thin hair

    If you have thin hair, then the main thing that they lack is additional volume. As a rule, they are easily confused, and the hairdress quickly loses its shape. In addition, they react painfully to any external influences and require very delicate treatment, especially after painting and perm.

    Care for Thin Hair

    Hard type of hair

    Rigid hair is less exposed to brittleness and loss, less often zhirnjatsja, however deliver to the mistress a lot of inconveniences with stacking. In this case, the correct selection of haircuts will help, which will help keep the hair in order and look neat.

    Care for hard hair: emollient oils

    Mixed hair type

    Mixed type, as a rule, is characterized by long hair with fat roots and dry ends. This feature is a consequence of incomplete lubrication of hair with fat throughout their length. Thus, mixed hair is often split due to a lack of lubrication.

    Haircuts by type and structure of hair

    Curly hair is divided into strongly helical, slightly helical, strongly curly, weakly curled and curling. Follicles of such hair are located under the skin in a curved shape. Curly hair is difficult to maintain care: because of tangling, they are difficult to comb and styling. The shape of the haircut is also difficult to impart, especially strongly coiled and strongly curly. Preliminary chemical straightening is the best option for styling such hair.

    Suitable haircuts for curly hair

    Women with hair that have a natural waviness need only proper care and styling. Those who are not so happy with fate, you can use a variety of folk and modern ways to give your hair an attractive waviness. To defeat curly hair, give them the tenderness of moisturizing masks that have a softening effect. In pursuit of softness and silkiness, pay attention to natural remedies: white henna, for example, is able to strengthen soft hair, and hard to make more gentle.

    Suitable haircuts for wavy hair


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