Home masks for fine hair

masks for fine hair

Masks for fine hair

Almost half of women believe that nature has endowed them with too thin and rare hair. Thin hair causes problems when laying, quickly lose shape, often become dry and brittle.

With the help of home masks, you can strengthen thin hair, provide the necessary nutrition, give volume.

We offer the most effective recipes that are suitable for the care of delicate hair .

Home masks for fine hair

Egg mask for fine dry hair . Whisk one yolk, mix it with a tablespoon of olive oil (you can use any vegetable oil). The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and put on the warming cap. After 30 minutes, wash the head with shampoo. The mask restores the structure of fine hair, gives them shine.

Gelatine mask for the volume of fine hair Dissolve the gelatin powder in warm water in a proportion of 1 to 3. Strain the mixture so that there are no lumps. Add 2 tablespoons of hair balm and apply the mixture on curls for 1 hour.

Beer mask with egg of fine hair. It makes hair more dense and restores structure. Take half a glass of beer (light for light hair, dark for dark) and add 1 yolk. Distribute the mass over the entire head and warm your head for 30 minutes.

Colorless henna. Dissolve henna in a small amount of water, the resulting gruel is applied to the roots of the hair, then distribute along the entire length. Heat the head, leave the mask for 10 minutes. Rinse the henna with warm water.

The mask of henna and nettles will give volume to thin hair and improve their structure. Take 2 tbsp. l. henna and 0.5 cup dried nettle leaves. Pour boiling water and cool. Add the yolk to the mass. The mask is applied to the hair for 2 hours.

Honey mask with cinnamon Mix honey and water in equal proportions. Add 1 tbsp. cinnamon and 1 tbsp. olive or other nutritive oil. Apply to hair for 1 hour.

Milk mask. Half a cup of warm milk mixed with two tablespoons of buckwheat flour. Add the egg to the mask. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair along the entire length, wrap the head with cellophane. After half an hour the mask can be washed off with shampoo. The mask well strengthens thin hair.

Bread mask restores fine hair, gives volume. Soak black bread in mineral water or kefir. Strain the mass through the cheesecloth, if desired, add a teaspoon of henna and apply massage movements on the hair. After 10 minutes, the mask should be thoroughly rinsed off.

Oat flour for fine hair . Oatmeal flakes crush in a coffee grinder, or buy in the store oatmeal. Mix the flour with a little warm water or kefir. The resulting gruel is applied to thin hair and warm the head. After 20 minutes, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water.

Mineral conditioner for fine hair. Ordinary mineral water is an ideal means for caring for fine hair. It enriches hair with minerals, strengthens, makes obedient. Rinse your head with mineral water without gas every time after washing your hair .

Cosmetic clay. Clay was used in cosmetology since ancient times. Due to its rich mineral composition - iron, nitrogen, calcium, zinc, magnesium, silica - clay has a miraculous effect on the hair and scalp, effectively strengthens thin weak hair. Blue clay is successfully used for thin hair, white improves the structure of the hair.

Mask of clay for fine hair: 30 g of white clay, 1 g of alum mixed with water until the formation of gruel. Apply the resulting mixture to the hair. After 20 minutes, rinse. In the mask for thin greasy hair, you can add a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Mask with cocoa to power fine hair: 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, add a glass of warm milk, add 1 egg yolk or whole egg and a spoon of cognac. Apply the mixture to the hair for an hour. The mask gives volume and softness.

Wheat germ oil for fine hair: This product nourishes and restores fine hair, gives volume. You can rub the oil in its pure form in the roots of the hair, for a stronger health effect, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of honey. The mask is left on the head for 1 hour.

Mask from yeast for volume and nutrition of hair: Dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of dry yeast in 0.5 cup warm milk. Leave for 30 minutes. Add a spoonful of honey and put on curls for 1 hour.

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