Herbs for hair: a catalog of medicinal properties

Herbs for hair growth The natural strength of many plants is able to give our hair health and beauty. For several centuries folk medicine men kept the recipes of beauty on the basis of medicinal herbs. Modern beauties successfully use decoctions of herbs for hair and to this day.

Gifts of nature positively affect not only the curls, but also the scalp. With their help you can say goodbye to itching, hair loss, lack of volume, lack of hair.

Herbs for hair: a catalog of useful properties

Root of the ayr. Not only oranges are rich in vitamin C - this plant also contains it in abundance. Thanks to this, the blood helps the blood to nourish the weak roots of the hair, which is especially useful for girls dreaming from short-haired to become owners of a long braid.

Aloe. This is a "pantry" of antioxidants and microelements. Saves strands from brittle, "double" ends, helps hair grow healthy.

Aloe vera for hair growth . Cut a few lower leaves of aloe (stoletnik), squeeze out juice from them. Add the same amount of alcohol or vodka to the juice. Rub the tincture into the scalp 3-4 times a week. You can buy ready-made tincture of aloe in the pharmacy. For a stronger effect, it is recommended to cover the head with polyethylene and put on the cap. The product is effective for hair loss, eliminates dandruff. Keep the tincture in a dark cool place.

Basil. It updates the scalp, "launches" every hair bulb, so that the hair grows quickly and pleases the hostess with docility and easy combing.

Birch. "Magic wand" against fatty roots, loss, as well as dandruff. This plant can be successfully combined with other gifts of nature.

Immortelle (flowers). This humble plant is a real storehouse of ethers, minerals, vitamins and other important components of beauty. It heals the blood circulation, as well as the structure of each hair.

Oak bark. An excellent remedy that can soothe the hair after intensive procedures in the salon. This plant activates "lazy" bulbs, due to which the "mane" becomes thick. Tincture from the bark is often used by girls with dark hair.

Oregano. In it, scientists found not only amino acids, ethers and vitamins, but also vegetable sugar. This makes the oregano very effective: the plant enlivens the "streams of capillaries" in the scalp, makes the hair bulbs stronger, renews every hair, preventing the loss of keratin, "clothing" each hair in a protective film. Regular application guarantees you an increase in the volume of your head of hair.

St. John's Wort. The best friend of the owners of oily scalp: this herb thanks to tannins and resins minimizes the "production" of fat in the skin, and besides, it perfectly "dries" the skin and roots, tones up.

Calendula. This herb is not in vain added to children's cosmetics: it is better than others saves from rashes, irritations and infections. In addition, it "drives" the growth of hair, strengthens every hair, makes all strands much more elastic.

Decoction of marigold . Take a tablespoon of dry crushed herbs of marigold, chamomile and cones of hops. Brew a mixture of herbs in a glass of boiling water. Rub the obtained collection of herbs for hair into the scalp every other day. Do not rinse.

Nettle. Vitamin recovery for weak skin, thanks to which on your comb will be less and less hairs. Also, the grass will save you from dandruff and make the "mane" grow faster.

Nettle oil for hair growth . Shredded fresh or dried nettle leaves (3 tablespoons), pour 150 ml of warm vegetable oil. Place the nettle oil in a glass bowl and leave it for 7 days in a dark place. Rub the oil into the roots of the hair 1 hour before washing your head. It enhances hair growth, heals the split ends, eliminates dandruff. Nettle oil improves hair growth, eliminates dandruff, prevents premature graying.

Lavender. These fragrant flowers like girls with oily hair. Resins and tannins in the composition of this plant normalize the release of fat in the skin, making hair look lush and fresh in appearance. Pleasant bonus: these flowers also treat pediculosis and seborrhea.

Laurel. Suitable not only for fat, but also for normal hair. The plant is the strongest activator of hair growth, will strengthen them, eliminate loss, accelerate the "run" of blood in the scalp.

Burdock (roots and leaves). Cares for the skin under the hair, which affects the "mane" to the very tips. Protects your beauty from hair loss, slow regrowth after unsuccessful haircuts, refreshes fatty strands.

Burdock root (burdock) . Prepare the broth from the roots of burdock (a tablespoon of crushed raw material for a glass of boiling water). To enhance the effect, you can add to the decoction of a tablespoon cones of hops and flowers of calendula. Before use, add 10 ml to the broth. burdock oil. Rub the mixture into the roots of the hair 2 times a week for a month. Masks for hair from burdock are very effective in hair loss.

Mother and stepmother. If in the spring and autumn your hair began to pour, remember this humble meadow flower. It also gives the shines a shine, nourishes the roots. Mix the dry leaves of coltsfoot with nettle leaves in equal amounts, pour water and boil in a water bath for 20 minutes. With a decoction, rinse your head after washing 2 times a week.

Carrot tops . The carrots are best not to be thrown away, prepare a decoction from it and use it to rinse the hair. Hair growth will increase.

Mint. Removes all excess fat from the scalp, soothes it, treats dandruff and creates prevention against its appearance. Most often use essential oil of mint, adding it to 1-2 drops in a shampoo or mask.

Ivy. A good friend of girls who want to grow hair and / or give them volume. Brew 1 tablespoon of dry herbs with two glasses of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes. The broth cool, strain and rub into the roots of the hair daily for two weeks.

Plantain. Natural "deodorant" for each lock, killing harmful microorganisms in the scalp. Perfectly refreshes oily hair, helping the sebaceous glands to produce a normal amount of fat.

Sagebrush. Dries fatty strands, while brightening them to the tone and making them shiny.

Rosemary. A small healer for the scalp: this plant improves not only the flow of blood, but also the circulation of lymph. So, after applying this herb, the roots of the hair get more nutrients. Result: rapid growth, density, shine of hair. Also, rosemary suits women with fatty hair.

Chamomile. The best girlfriend of blondes: this flower "places" in their hair lovely golden "lights", brightens hair. In addition, it makes the "mane" more silky, healthy, and looks after the scalp.

Yarrow. This plant is rich in vitamin A, so it stops the appearance of gray hair, brittle, overdried tips, in general, strengthens every hair.

Prepare a decoction of 2 tablespoons of herbs and 2 glasses of water. Allow to cool, strain. Rub into the scalp every day.

Field horsetail. The source of silicon, which strengthens the hair, prevents hair from falling out and breaking.

Hops (cones). The most powerful remedy for dandruff and hair loss, men, it saves from alopecia. It is most convenient to use butter with hops: it is simply rubbed into the scalp.

Thyme. A good choice for owners of dry hair. The plant moisturizes every strand, after which the hair is pleasing with silkiness and softness.

The sequence (leaves). In this plant there is a lot of keratin, without which the hair would not be so beautiful. The result of leaving with this herb: feeding each hair, strengthening bulbs, rapid growth of curls.

Celandine. A good friend is not only the owner of fatty hair, but also girls with problematic scalp. Eliminates pimples, small inflammation, refreshes both the skin under the hairs, and every strand.

Sage. This salon "cosmetician" - he thickens the hair, and "laminates" strands, and dandruff treats, and from acne and other skin irritations rescues, and greasy hair for a long time cleanses. One thing: this plant is more suitable for brunettes, brown-haired and dark-brown, as it emphasizes the dark color of their hair.

How to prepare a herbal decoction for hair

In 0.5 liters of water, add 1 tablespoon of the plant. Boil for 2 to 3 minutes, not longer. Cover the pan with a lid, let the broth steep for 20 minutes. Strain, add a little water (necessarily boiled), and you can rinse your hair.

You should use herbs wisely. For example, do not let your hair get used to a certain plant - alternate them or take breaks. For example, today you rinsed your curls with sage wormwood, and tomorrow make yourself just acidified water (pour in it a little apple cider vinegar or lemon juice).

Herbs for hair: side effects

Some girls may have an allergy to the gifts of nature. So after each first acquaintance with a particular herb, listen to yourself. If something has alerted you, choose other means for your hair.

Useful properties of herbs for hair

Below is the classification of herbs according to the properties corresponding to each type of hair.

Herbs for hair growth: aloe, nettle, burdock, bay leaf, hop cones, turn, root of the aura, ivy.

Herbs for strengthening hair: nettle, root and leaves of burdock; chamomile; calendula, bay leaf, cones of hops, mint, sage, rosemary, datura, oregano, birch; horsetail, St. John's wort.

Herbs for oily locks : mint leaves; birch, aloe vera; lavender, laurel, field horsetail; St. John's wort; hop; green tea; rowan berries; rosemary; leaves of nettle; oak bark; leaves of plantain; sage, burdock, wormwood, rosemary.

Herbs for dry, brittle hair. Decoctions and infusions of the following herbs gently affect the hair, nourish, moisturize, make docile and elastic: flowers of chamomile, calendula, linden blossom, oregano, thyme before flowering; birch leaves; hop cones, flax seeds, mother-and-stepmother stems, basil.

Herbs for dandruff: aloe, bark of oak; cones of hops, lily of the valley; calendula; lavender, burdock, nettle.

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