How to remove yellowness from the hair?

How to remove yellowness from the hair?

How to remove yellowness from the hair?

It is known that the darker the hair, the more difficult it is to get a beautiful natural blond color. In this article, we'll look at the main secrets that professionals use to obtain dazzling, natural blond shades.

After discoloration, dark hair almost always acquires yellow or red hues. If you yourself painted in a light and looked like a night lamp, the best way for you would be to contact a professional master. It will help you to select the toning means and get the desired color.

If you are a supporter of home experiments, we suggest that you pay attention to the following tips.

What to do so that the discolored hair is not yellowed?

Let's start with the choice of paint. If your natural hair color has a warm tinge, then the pigment of the hair contains a yellow color that will appear when lightening. In this case, you should try paints with a cold platinum, ashy or pinkish hue, which dulls the yellowness.

However, do not forget that after a while the paint will begin to wash off the hair, and the color will turn yellow again. Now you have to mask the yellowness with the help of shading agents and balms .

To save a beautiful color is one of the main problems that blondes face after hair lightening. After a few weeks, the fashionable blond shades turn into the artificial yellow color of the straw.

To disguise yellowness on the hair, you can use professional tools designed specifically for this purpose. It can be a shade of shampoos or toning balms. We recommend to stop on so-called "silver" shampoos, which perfectly cope with yellowness on the hair. The shampoo contains a purple pigment that will permanently neutralize the yellow shades. But here there is a slight difficulty in the application: if a silver shampoo or any means of such action is restrained on the hair, it may turn out to be an ash-gray shade (which is unacceptable for platinum blondes) or tenderly lilac.

To neutralize yellowness on the hair can also help shampoos for gray hair. They also need to be kept on the discolored hair for only a few minutes.

List of popular remedies that "eat" yellowness on the hair

  • 1. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Silver
  • 2. Balm "Iris" is a pearl shade.
  • 3. Balm "Loreal preferences" shade Viking
  • 4. Shampoo from ESTEL pearly ash
  • 5. Pearl-ash colored tonic.

    How to use the tool:

    Add a little toning in a small bucket of water, foam, apply on hair for 5 minutes, rinse. Repeat the procedure as needed. Harmful to hair.


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