Hair Styling

Variants of haircutting bob

Haircut bean - one of the most versatile, as it allows you to create a whole variety of different styles. Consider the most popular stacking of "beans" for medium and short hair length.

How to Arrange the Haircut

Classical haircut quads can be different every day: romantic, fervent, adventurous, athletic. You can create the desired image in just a few minutes.

Styling of haircuts "Cascade"

A feminine haircut cascade provides its hostess with a wide field for experiments. You can give your hair extra volume on short or long curls.

Learning to make beautiful coiffures

With the help of napes, you can model the hairstyle of the desired shape, distract from the shortcomings of the shape of the face. Modern nachets have become more accurate, sparing for the health of hair.

Fashionable styling for short hair

Beautiful short stacking can easily be modeled with modern helpers - gels, mousses and varnishes. Everything else depends on your imagination.

Hair ornaments

How to make a beautiful hairstyle without accessories? Hoops, ribbons and barrettes - an indispensable attribute of a hairstyle designed for an evening out or a date.

Hair styling at home: options

How quickly to lay short or curly hair? How to give a hair style volume? Little tricks for every woman of fashion.

Straightening hair: home methods

Smoothed, well-groomed hair always looks expensive and stylish. Today you can straighten your hair at home using special tools.

How to style curly hair

Curly hair looks beautiful, but caring for them causes a lot of trouble. To gently lay the curls, you need to know the characteristics of your hair.

Hair extensions: popular ways

Try on your face long curls today it is available to any fashionista, even by nature endowed with rare, delicate hair. Consider the popular ways of hair extensions.

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