Hair ornaments

Hair jewelry can play a huge role in the image of a woman. Today, at the height of popularity, there are hoops, ribbons, wreaths, shiny hairpins with crystals, artificial flowers. With the help of these ornaments, you can soften your facial features, distract attention from minor flaws , brighten your eyes, refresh your face. Accessories for hair complement our outfit with festive luxury, they are especially appropriate at parties, cocktails, graduation parties.

Ready-made jewelry for hair surprises with its variety: they are made of feathers, fur, sequins, beads, flowers, colored stones, decorative mesh and ribbons. You can realize your fabulous fantasies by making a hair ornament for yourself.

Decoration in the form of a strip or rim beautifully emphasize the hairstyle for girls with thick , curvy locks, curled curls, a three-dimensional bang . With a brilliant rim, you will resemble the image of a young romantic princess with a crown.

Hair hoop - a favorite accessory of designers for creating fashionable clothes. The hoop can be decorated with fabric, bows and ribbons in tone of clothes. He is appropriate for a woman of any age and status. It can be as a modest, invisible accessory, and a luxurious bright detail that attracts attention with bright rhinestones, feathers, flowers.

Bezel for hair wear on any hairstyle - on long, short, curly and smooth hair. The important thing is to correctly choose the hoop in size so that it does not fall off, and at the same time does not press on the whiskey, causing a headache.

If the hair does not please you with its luxurious volume and length, you can correct the situation with the help of a volumetric, lush, complex hairpin. It can be a large artificial flower decorated with feathers, mesh and rhinestones. Such an ornament will help to refresh even a modest, gray dress.

Hollywood stars increasingly decorate their hairstyles with volume accessories made of glass and stones, which are strung on a thin bezel. Similar elements are recommended to decorate shoes or handbag to get a harmonious, finished image.

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