Hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth

During pregnancy, most women's hair condition improves, they stop falling out and look healthy. In the second half of pregnancy this becomes particularly noticeable.

This fact is easy to explain. During pregnancy there is a rejuvenation of the body, saturation of its vitamins and nutrients. Hair gets the necessary nutrition and becomes stronger and more beautiful. However, the main role in the activation of hair growth is played by a favorable hormonal background.

During pregnancy, women have an increased level of estrogen in the blood, which activates the division of hair follicle cells. This increases the life cycle of the hair. As a result, the hair stops falling out and becomes thicker.

However, after delivery, the young mother begins to notice the shreds of hair on the hairbrush, pillow, clothes. Shevelura noticeably thinens, and the woman falls into despair.

How can you explain the significant loss of hair in the postpartum period? There may be several reasons for this - a change in the level of hormones, lack of sleep, stress, a lack of trace elements, poor blood circulation.

Hormonal background

As a rule, increased hair loss begins 3-4 months after childbirth. The hormonal background begins to recover, the level of female hormones gradually returns to normal, which affects the condition of the hair. Estrogen loses its position as a stimulator of hair growth, as a result, they begin to drop out intensively.

How to solve a problem? It is estimated that the density of hair during pregnancy is increased to 30%, respectively, after the birth of a woman's hair, it can be reduced by the same 30%. Therefore, a moderate amount of hair loss should not bother young mothers.

If hair loss is associated only with a change in the hormonal background, usually, the problem is resolved within 6-12 months after childbirth. The level of hormones is restored, hair loss stops. However, if the hair falls out in tatters, your head of hair is noticeably thinner, you should immediately consult a trichologist and make a survey.

To stop hair loss caused by a violation of the hormonal background, no super-mask for hair growth will help. In order to keep your hair you need:

1. Make a blood test on the hormonal background, because after the birth in the body there may be significant disruption in the work of hormones.

2. Carry out a thyroid examination.

In case of significant disorders in the composition of hormones, the doctor will help to prescribe the correct treatment.


During pregnancy, many women take multivitamins on the advice of a doctor. But after giving birth and during breastfeeding, a large amount of nutrients and microelements is washed out of the young mother's body, which affects the condition of the hair, nails, and skin. Hair can fall out due to a lack of calcium, iron, vitamin D, magnesium and other nutrients in the body.

In order to make up for the lack of trace elements during breastfeeding, a woman should take a vitamin complex before consulting a pediatrician.

Pay attention to the fact that during labor there can be a significant loss of blood, especially after cesarean section, as a result, the level of iron in the blood decreases, anemia, as well as a lack of zinc, vitamin C and B. This can be the main cause of hair loss.

To avoid anemia, be sure to take iron and supplements with a full complex of minerals after birth.

Simultaneously with the intake of vitamins, you need to make nourishing masks to improve the circulation of the scalp. The most effectively revitalize the roots of the hair mask with pepper tincture , mustard, dimexidum, burdock oil.

Stress and chronic lack of sleep

After delivery, the young mother faces a lot of problems - stress, anxiety, overwork, lack of sleep. These circumstances adversely affect the hair. In order to improve the state of the body, you need to change your daily routine. Try to sleep with the baby during the day, if it does not let you get enough sleep at night.

If you are unable to stop hair loss on your own, ask a trichologist for help. He will professionally tell you how to treat your hair at home.

Hair care after childbirth

To prevent excessive loss of hair after childbirth, it is necessary daily to make time to care for themselves. Your task is to restore damaged hair, improve the scalp, strengthen the hair roots weakened after birth.

To strengthen the hair after delivery, home masks made of natural ingredients - rye bread , egg yolk , warm whey, are effective. Excellent nourish the roots of hair herbal rinse off the nettle, chamomile, sage, roots of ayr, burdock. It is very useful to rub in the roots of hair nutritional oils - burdock, jojoba oil.

In order to give the impetus for the growth of a thick, strong hair of women after childbirth, it is recommended to cut the hair shorter, or at least trim the tips.

A huge importance on the condition of the hair is nourished by women. Include in your diet plenty of fresh and natural products. Refuse the salty, smoked and pickled products: it disrupts the circulation of the scalp.

To wash your hair after delivery, you need to use strengthening shampoos, as well as balsam rinsers . They will help to make your hair more docile, moisturized, which will facilitate their combing.

Pay attention to the chemical composition of your shampoo . Most ingredients for washing hair include the ingredient - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which provides a stable foam when washing, but it destroys the structure of the hair. Try to avoid such shampoos.

Avoid metal combs and brushes, as they injure the roots of the hair. A soft comb well massages the scalp, resulting in better circulation, nutrients and fat evenly distributed throughout the hair. It is also useful to use a comb made of wood or a natural brush.

Since the hair after birth is weakened, try not to use a hair dryer for a while, hot air can do much harm to them. Also, protect your hair from direct sunlight, wear hats.

With these simple rules for hair care after childbirth, you can keep the beauty of your hair for a long time.

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