Hair straightening

Perfectly smooth, straight hair is always fashionable, stylish and beautiful. Each girl wants to make her hair look perfect in any situation. Today, there are several ways to straighten hair, and moreover, not only slightly wavy, but also strong curls.

Straightening the hair at home

If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, and you want to make them absolutely smooth and smooth, the easiest way is to use a straightener (forceps). The effect of straightening ironing is that when the hair is heated, the moisture is lost and their texture is smoothed.

When buying an iron, pay attention to the fact that the heating surface is ceramic, not metal. Ceramic surface due to a uniform temperature distribution will ensure a more gentle treatment of hair.

Remember that any thermal impact harms the hair, they become dull and brittle. Therefore, if you use the iron constantly, try to follow the following rules:

- Before smoothing the hair, apply a special thermal protective compound on them - it can be balm, mousse or spray. The product will help enrich hair with protein and "seal" their structure from the inside.

- Set the thermostat on the appliance to the lowest possible temperature, which is acceptable for your hair type . Delicate thin or damaged hair is recommended to smooth at a temperature of not more than 160 degrees.

- Do not use the iron on wet hair.

- Every time after washing your head, use balms and masks that restore the structure of the hair.

How to use an ironing rectifier

2. 1. Distribute the means for thermo-laying along the entire length of the hair.

2. 2. Make sure the hair is completely dry or slightly damp.

2. 3. Divide the hair into small strands of this thickness, so that the working surface of the iron grips the knot completely.

2. 4. Smoothly move the iron from the roots to the tips. In this way, treat all the hair. Do not delay the ironing in one place for a long time, so as not to burn your hair.

Straightening hair with a hair dryer (styler)

This is the fastest and most gentle option to achieve the ideal smoothness of hair and is suitable for almost everyone. To do this, you must have a hair dryer at home with special nozzles, which wet hair is wound, stretched and dried. Do not forget about the means for thermo-laying.

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