High forehead: hairstyles and haircuts

How to disguise the high forehead

If you want to look fashionable and stylish every day, if you need stylist advice, but the material condition does not allow the services of a specialist, in this article you will find useful tips on the style and fashion of hairdressing for women, whom nature has bestowed with a high democratic forehead.

To begin with, it is worth to go to the mirror and highlight all the advantages that we will work with in the future. Similar facial features, namely the high forehead of celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Kidman, Yana Rudkovskaya.

High forehead: shearing bangs

Women with high forehead should give preference to hairstyles with the presence of bangs . With a bang, you can experiment - oblique and dense, short and straight, just a long one. You can slightly thin the bangs, and thin strands slightly curl inward, so it will look bulky and not massive. If you make a wide bang, almost to the ears it visually stretches the face. You can comb other hair back and open the lower part of the face, so all the open features will take all attention to themselves.

Asymmetrical lines

A long bangs, combed on one side, will hide part of the forehead and make it smaller. In addition, it is a very trendy trend today, which is often enjoyed by the stars.

Assimetry + Volume

This technique will help to correct your deficiency in the maximum way. Suitable for a thin, elongated face.

Volumetric bangs on two sides

A long bangs up to the middle of the face looks very stylish. Give it volume with a hair dryer and a brush and divide into two parts.

If the bangs are long, but straight, stylists advise making the parting not central, but lateral.

Short haircuts with a high forehead

For the type of person in question, short haircuts will fit the middle of the cheeks with lush hair. Long straight strands to the ears and below, a low bangs to the eyebrows and lower significantly shorten the entire face. People who have a high forehead, will approach the cutting of a square or a bean , slightly shortened from the back, will give you relevance and originality. For special cases, it is possible to slightly twist the tips, this will add stiffness.

Cascade haircut to the chin, especially if you have thick straight hair, is also suitable.

Short cascade

You can use the above tips on Swift and create a cascade penalty. To mask the high forehead, you should avoid direct parting and open your forehead, but sometimes, with cascading haircuts , you can put a lock on your side, slightly opening your forehead.

If you have long hair, and you do not want to part with them, it is enough to give them volume with the help of curlers or a perm , a magnificent hairdress will make the whole face wider.

High forehead: choose a hairstyle

You can apply various variations with asymmetry, strands protruding in intricate haircut, short behind and long at the front will attract the attention of others.

What to Avoid

It is necessary to avoid the hair removed from the face, as well as long straight hair that will only draw attention to the forehead. It is not desirable to make high hairstyles that visually only stretch the forehead. Do not also comb your hair back.

It is worth noting that the bangs that go to people with a high forehead always grow young, a long thick bang will accentuate the eyes and tighten the face. If you scratch it on one side - bangs add softness. In our case, it is necessary to avoid direct selection, so zigzag-like or oblique parting will be more suitable.

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