Energy of hair:

How to preserve health, harmony and attract wealth

As our grandmothers used to say, the braid is a girl's beauty. But our hair is not only curls or luxurious curls that make us sweet and captivating. Since ancient times it has been considered that hair is the invisible power of a woman, her dignity, an indicator of hidden power. The way a girl or a woman treats her spit affects her relationships with her beloved, his career, and the health of her children. Their hair needs not only to cut and wash - they require also our love. And it is quite deserved, because they "work" for our benefit.

Hair energy: contact with the upper spheres

Many people call human hair an "antenna", through which our soul communicates with the cosmos (hence, the word "Cosmas", "shaggy") has gone. So our body is filled with new energy, and so we give our own into the world. Each hair inside the hollow - through these and such "channels" and there are radio waves from God (universal intuition).

Divine energy of hair

Yes, Rusichi believed that the hair is very difficult. All the girls at that time (with a total lack of shampoos and conditioners) wore a long braid. This hairstyle "covered" the chakras, located near the vertebrae, from the evil external energy - thereby saving the life forces of the girl herself. And, in addition, with all the variety of hairstyles of this type, we have braided it with braids of three parts. It's some kind of code: connecting together the body, soul and spirit. The youngest walked with one braid, connecting their mistress with the higher spheres. After the marriage, the young woman made herself already two braids - one for God, and the second in order to establish a good connection with the beloved and share with him his inexhaustible feminine energy. The hair of every woman is the comfort and wealth of the family. Even the barbarians heard about this - therefore, having attacked the city in those distant times, they were looking for the princess. Cutting her hair, they deprived most of the strength of her husband, as well as other defenders of the city.

A natural "battery"

Each hair is not only a conductor, but also a place of energy accumulation. The longer the hair, the stronger will be the woman and stronger - her health (which will be passed on to the babies she will give birth). If you dissolve your hair and they close your chest, it means that they can protect the heart chakra (Anahata), responsible for love, kindness, mercy. It is this point in the center of the chest that connects our 3 higher and 3 lower chakras.

Many believe: by cutting off the braid, its mistress loses touch with cosmic energy, which affects her strength, mental and physical.

Why did not the girls in Russia walk around with their hair loose on ordinary days? Not only because of the convenience. They believed: bound hair will not "collect" negative energy from the whole street. But at home it was possible to untwist the braid - so the woman gave part of her strength. Often the braid was weaved by her beloved - also for a reason.

Hair energy: connection with the past time

Newborns do not cut to a year old - the fact is that their hairs are associated with the memory of their ancestors, and it is not necessary to deprive the world's knowledgeable carapaces of this information too soon. And vice versa - after going through the mountain, people cut their hair to "clip" the painful memories. Also, some try to say goodbye to illness or grave sin. In general, any haircut is a request for change addressed to God. The memory is with you - but the emotions that have been lived go away.

Strength of hair and your health

A sick woman will rarely have healthy curls. Hair is a litmus test showing how your body feels, and, above all, the hormonal system. Carefully combing all the "kosmy", we comb out of them bad energy, thereby contributing to relaxation and improvement of the body.

Esotericists say: different hair "catch" forces from the outside in different ways. Yes, if you have thick and stiff hairs, you have almost no strengths - but you are very goal-oriented, because it is difficult for you to "jump" from the stream to the flow, "bend". Well, women with thin hair are more flexible, and there are few situations in which they would not find a way out - but their energy is often inferior to a stranger because of a weak connection with God. It is interesting that when the hair turns gray, they become thinner - that's the reason for the physical ailments of pensioners (also the owners of split and breaking hair are painful). But morally grandmothers are very strong, because they are emotionally flexible.

Hair and your family circle

The power of a woman with a long braid is so great that it can serve as an amulet not only for the woman herself, but also for her husband. Men protect the family from physical problems, women have the same task - energy protection. In the old days it was believed that the hair collected and covered with the pectoral hair is a circle of the whole family. Therefore, a married woman to make out, that is, open her hair in public, was considered an unkind sign. And if her headdress was torn off by force, they did this with the aim of humiliating and insulting.

The bride's veil is also a difficult decoration. Few who sits among the guests - the veil will save both from an evil eye, and from a bad word. In addition, the ridge thrown through the wedding threshold protected all present from evil spirits. And the same comb, but with 7 teeth and 2 skates, which the young one offered, served as her amulet.

Just so to dissolve the hair was impossible - so you can pick up someone else's misfortunes, and your happiness to give. But if the spouse was spreading her husband, it was the opposite, gave him strength.

Who could appear in public with loose hair?

Ordinary women do not - their neighbors and relatives would scold. But the priestesses used the power of their braids quite often. True, after such an "exit" they were cleansed - they washed their hair with herbs, accompanying the ceremony with conspiracies, as well as with prayers. And it was not only in Russia, but in all the ancient cultures of the world.

Of course, you live in the 21st century, and mysticism for you is nothing more than a topic of a popular film. Choosing a hair style, you primarily look at the ease of laying or the number of celebrities who tried on a particular haircut ... But if you want even now the energy of the hair has earned on your behalf, follow a few tips.

1. Do not wear long hair loose. Tail, braid, hair clips - you have many options.

2. If still decided to "blossom", do not do it in a crowded place - on the street, in a supermarket, in transport, and especially - in a hospital or in a cemetery.

Energetic power of a hairstyle

Order in the head - order and on the head. Now in the fashion of "free styling" - and very vain. Accurate female hairdo with an open forehead (did you know that in Russia, a brow was not worn, not wanting to close their fate?) - that's what a woman needs.

Such laying, like a low beam, contributes to the development of humility, tranquility, gentleness and other peace-loving qualities. Well, a tall tail gives strength, energy, activity. And of course, the longer the hair, the better! Do not forget also that your destiny can change not only from a hairstyle, but also from painting.

Do the hair affect the welfare of their mistress?

If your hair is well-groomed, fate will not deprive you of wealth. So, the treatment of brittle hair, restorative procedures is a contribution not only to your appearance, but also to an abundance - after all through healthy hair to your family comes more heavenly energy. So do not skimp on cosmetics - and of course, trust the experience of ancestors, rinse hair in herbal decoctions. And pamper them with a crest in the evenings!

Combing your beauty, too, you must be able to

Hair like a sponge - absorb any emotions. A wooden scallop is easy to "clean" it all. No sudden movements! In addition, you can ask your loved one to comb your braids - he will get a powerful energy charge, which will be extremely useful after a hard day's work.

Scallop choose a wooden or a horn. Important: do not let them use other people's people. On the crest of the hair of another person, and with it - a particle of his energy. If you still had to share, do not comb this thing until you wash it in seawater (or simply with a pinch of kitchen salt).

How to properly cut?

If unhappy love has overtaken you, persecute bad memories, cut off all that is superfluous from your head. But of course, no one wants to cut off their luck together with the negative. So cut your hair just on the right days.

- In full lunar or solar eclipses, as well as the "satanic" numbers of the lunar calendar - 9, 15, 23, 29 - do not even come close to scissors.

- To get rid of a bored disease or remove some events from your life, cut the tips of your hair. Yes, yes, they are the refuge of our annoying problems.

- Do you expect that something important will happen soon? Do not cut it until it happens! "Circumcision" will weaken the course of fate and may even affect it.

- Do not throw off your hair. Once in the trash container, they (still a little connected with you) can transfer therefrom the negative to their former hostess. Better burn them, or bury them under a fruit tree.

Each of your hair is not just an unfeeling part of the body, but a gift from above. Dissolve them more often - only at home, before the husband. And know: you are a birch-tree, taking life force from God Himself!

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