When you can cut hair on the Oracle

hair clip calendar In order to make a successful haircut in the Oracle, it is necessary for the Moon to be in the signs of the Earth (Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn). In such signs, the haircut can be made at any phase of the moon, then your hair will be much thicker, stronger, which contributes to a smaller loss of your hair. In the event that a hair growth slowdown is required, the best option is a haircut on the waning moon.

Moon horoscope haircuts on the signs of the zodiac

The haircut made under the Moon in different signs of the Zodiac can affect not only the condition of the hair, but also your health and personal life. Listen to the advice of astrologers.

It is better not to wash your head when the Moon is in the signs of Water, which includes Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Otherwise, your hair will be very greasy. This applies to the chemical wave. Curl will be more resistant in the signs of Leo, Virgin, Taurus and Aquarius. In order to get a haircut, these days are also not very suitable, although in order to speed up the growth of hair, you can do it on the growing moon.

In order to produce hair styling, the days when the Moon is in Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Capricorn are ideal. The Moon in Aries is unfavorable to the haircut and for any other procedures with your hair.

In Aries, haircut haircut does not affect the condition of the hair, but the appearance may deteriorate. Haircut will negatively affect your health, as the body will be significantly influenced by various infections. In the waning moon, in the sign of Aries, it is not necessary to get a haircut, as it threatens the loss of the hairdo and the cross section of the hair.

In the case when the moon is in Taurus , this is a great time when you can cut your hair, even if the Moon is falling. The hairstyle turns out beautiful, and hair will be strong and healthy. In a personal life, the haircut will help to gain a sense of financial stability, enhance intellectual abilities.

The moon, located in Gemini, is ideal for making a magnificent hairdo, because at this time the hair will be fluffy and light. In a personal life, the haircut will improve relationships with friends.

When the Moon is in Cancer , then the haircut at this time can give a two-fold result. Haircut at this time promises a loss of hair style. But also, the haircut at this time positively affects the health of the hair, since the hair grows much more slowly, but it becomes stronger by digesting useful substances. These days it is best to discolor ringlets. As for the personal life, the haircut will reduce the parental custody of you, weaken the parents' roots.

The moon in Leo is one of the best periods when it is worth visiting a hairdresser. Lightening hair, styling, coloring or haircut - all this, at such a time it turns out perfectly. Easy chemistry is best done on other days, as the curl can turn out to be excessively curly. Grooming can improve your overall appearance and change the rhythm of life.

The moon in Virgo is also a positive time for haircuts and for caring for your hair. Curl should also be best produced at this time. Haircut will promote hair strengthening and intensive growth. Haircut can also strengthen your intellect. However, according to some sources, Virgo and Leo are barren signs, therefore not all astrologers recommend cutting their hair at this time.

The moon in Libra is the ideal time to bring beauty to your head and improve your hair. The hairstyle made at this time, will turn out magnificent and volume. It's unclear how, but the haircut at this time improves memory and vision, adds ease in communication.

The moon in Scorpio is inharmonious, leads to changes, can both improve and worsen your life, relationships with people senior in rank. As for the effect on the hair: you can carry out a hairstyle on dry, brittle and thin hair, - the Moon will make them strong, stiff and thick.

The moon in Sagittarius is also ambiguous, carries a change in your life. In order for the changes to be positive for you, consider a lunar day during the haircut. The haircut will affect the hair condition well, slightly straighten the unruly curly locks.

Moon in Capricorn Haircut will positively affect the growth of hair, they will strengthen, will become less brittle. During this period, the moon has a positive effect on your social status.

Moon in Aquarius Haircut can provoke hair loss, energy exhaustion. However, if you are a risk lover, try changing your hairstyle. The result can be obtained with each time constantly different. The best option is to do unusual haircuts these days, as usual very often do not work.

The moon in Pisces is not suitable for visiting a hairdresser, as a haircut and even just washing hair at such a time can provoke a copious discharge of dandruff. Haircut can badly affect the realization of your abilities.

Either way, a haircut on the Oracle is more a tradition than a true one, so how and when you should be cut only by you.

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