Care of combination skin

combination skin

Combined face skin

Combined face skin occurs most often in adolescence. In the middle part of the face, namely on the nose and forehead, the skin becomes oily, porous, covered with acne, while other areas of the face can be normal and even dry.

With age, the work of the sebaceous glands normalizes, and the skin type in most cases becomes normal.

Care of combination skin

Caring for combination skin is not easy. Due to the fact that the sebaceous glands work unevenly, care for the area of ​​the T-zone will differ from the rest of the face.

In the evening, the skin needs to be cleaned of cosmetics, as well as dust and keratinized particles. For this procedure, cosmetic lotion, cleansing gel or lotion is suitable. The area of ​​the T-zone is better treated with cosmetics for oily skin. You can just wash your face with cosmetic soap and rinse well with water.

If you want to degrease the skin and close the pores, treat the T-zone area with an alcohol-containing tincture of medicinal herbs (marigold, chamomile, sage). This will also serve as an excellent prophylaxis against acne and acne.

Now apply a moisturizing, non-greasy lotion or hydrogel to the cleansed skin.

1-2 times a week, your skin needs additional nutrition. After the evening face cleansing procedure, apply a nourishing vitamin cream for normal or mixed skin. Apply the cream should be only on the cheeks, neck, temples. The area of ​​the T-zone is preferably bypassed, after a while here and so will a natural protective greasy film.

In the morning, wash your face with warm or cool water. Then you can protect your skin with a moisturizing cream or hydrogel for normal or combination skin.

The optimal means for morning moisturizing combined skin can serve as ordinary ice cubes. Even more effective - to prepare cubes from decoction of herbs (calendula, sage, chamomile, green tea). Wipe the cleansed skin with an ice cube every morning, and you will notice how the complexion changes.

Simple home remedies can quickly and effectively cope with a greasy shine on the skin. It is very useful to wipe the skin on the forehead and nose with a piece of fresh cucumber, pumpkin, apple, aloe juice. This will help narrow the pores, reduce the production of sebum and enrich the skin with vitamins.

With proper care, the combined skin will always look smooth and healthy, it will not appear wrinkles for a long time.

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