Correction of the face oval

facial oval correction

Apply a blush on the type of face

When applying make-up it is very important to be able to specify accents, i.e. taking into account the type of face oval, objectively analyze facial features: the eyes (their cut and size), the nose (its length and shape), the cheekbones (prominent or barely marked), the lips (thin, full, large or small) and decide how to emphasize dignity and hide flaws.

Change the face relief and visually adjust facial features by using the correct alternation of light and shadow.

Important for a beautiful oval is the correct application of blush:

  • Round face visually a little longer, if blush apply an elongated triangle from the temples to the corners of the lips.

  • If you have a heart-shaped type of face , apply a blush on the cheeks and blend them in the direction of the ears. Select the cheekbones so that the volumetric contour turns out.

  • With a square face type , start applying the blush from the bottom up. For the greatest effect, highlight the cheekbones.

  • If you have an oval face type , apply blush from the bottom up. Highlight the cheekbones.

  • People with a triangular face often have a wide chin. It will seem soft if shaded with dark rouge.

  • A face like "diamond" is characterized by a narrow forehead. It will appear broader if you apply a blush obliquely from the eyebrows to the borderline with the hair of the part.

  • In women with a rectangular face, it will not look as long if the blush is applied horizontally to the cheekbones.

    Correction of the oval face with a foundation

    Tone creams are good not only because they give the face an even velvety tone, with their help you can really correct the shape of the face, make it close to the classical oval.

    If your face is round or square , apply a corner of the sponge tonal cream to a tone darker than the main one, over the protruding lines of the cheeks in the form of two thin vertical strips. Tender them with the help of sponge movements directed to the center, to fill with a tonal cream the space between the lines.

    If your face is oval , you can emphasize its spectacular shape. To do this, draw a tonal cream with the help of sponge triangles on the tone darker than the main tool. First, draw a line under each cheek to the upper part of the ear (starting at the middle of the eye), from the same point draw a second - down, to the earlobe. Form a triangle and carefully blend the lines towards its middle.

    The triangular face can be approximated in shape to the oval, if you apply the same triangle with a tonal cream, but the tone is lighter.

    "Hide" strongly protruding cheekbones will help the same correction with a voice-frequency cream in the form of a triangle. Only in this case it extends in the direction from the temple to the middle of the cheeks.


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