Tar soap from acne

Tar soap from acne

tar soap from acne Tar soap is the most usual cosmetic remedy for our grandmothers. Many young women of fashion, if they heard about the existence of such soap, then hardly thought about its composition and benefits for our skin. It turns out, in vain!

Tar soap is a natural antiseptic, it acts safely and does not cause side effects. Birch tar, which is a part of soap, possesses a powerful anti-inflammatory property, promotes the renewal of skin cells. If you regularly use tar soap from acne , all the rashes on the skin disappear, the face becomes smooth, elastic and clean.

Advice, time-tested: you want to get rid of annoying pimples - try to wash tar soap daily with washing in the morning and in the evening, and in a few days the result will become noticeable. It is also good to use tar soap from black dots.

Along with all the advantages, tar soap still has one small drawback - an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is desirable to store a piece of soap in a closed box to not feel its aroma in the entire room.

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