Home Facial Scrub

home scrub Regular use of facial scrubs promotes the quality removal of dead cells from the skin surface, cleans the pores well, provides blood flow and saturates the skin with oxygen. As a result, the facial skin acquires a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, it becomes healthy and supple. Good cleansing scrubs for any type of skin can be bought at any cosmetic store, but some of them contain ingredients that can cause various allergic reactions. To avoid this, scrubs are often used, prepared independently at home from improvised and all available ingredients.

There are many ways how to make a home scrub. The most common home scrubs are made on the basis of food products, for example, honey, milk, salt, oatmeal, curd, coffee, fruit. Due to their naturalness, these scrubs perfectly moisturize and nourish the skin, giving it a fresh healthy appearance.

When preparing a scrub at home, you need to consider your skin type. So for oily skin components should be selected in such a way as to dry and tighten pores, for dry skin - to have a moisturizing effect.

Home scrub should not be used more than 1-2 times a week. Particular care is needed for dry face skin, as frequent use of scrub accelerates the loss of moisture, the skin is over-dried and irritated.

Recipes of coffee scrubs for the face

Ground coffee delicately exfoliates the skin, so it is very popular in facial care. The grains contain caffeine, which contributes to increased blood circulation and oxygen flow to the cells.

Home scrub from salt

Salt has a wonderful cleansing property, gives the skin freshness, firmness and shine. The best effect can be achieved using scrubs from salt after taking a shower.

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