Yeast from acne

Yeast from acne

If you decided to fight with pimples at home, it is worth trying one of the simplest and most effective means - brewer's yeast.

Yeast from acne is taken either inward in the form of tablets, or externally in the form of home masks.

Brewer's yeast in tablets is produced with various mineral additives - zinc, selenium, sulfur, which play a huge role in cosmetology. To get rid of pimples and boils, tablets are taken for a month every day, before eating, according to the instructions.

Yeast contains vitamins useful for the skin, as a result of treatment, the skin is smoothed, hair and nails are strengthened.

Now about the shortcomings.

1. It should be remembered that brewer's yeast affects the metabolism, so girls have a risk of gaining weight as a result of treatment.

2. The ingestion of yeast does not help everyone from acne. It all depends on the individual characteristics of your body. However, in any case, you will feel the cosmetological effect of the treatment.

3. If you have a tendency to tumors, do not risk taking beer yeast inside, as they contribute to their growth.

Yeast from acne in the form of masks

Brewer's yeast can be used to treat acne externally. Here is one of the effective recipes:

Mix the yeast in powder with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and burn the pimple with a cotton swab.

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