Home face masks

To maintain the freshness and beauty of our skin, you need to periodically pamper it with natural face masks. Natural recipes of beauty came to us from ancient times, and in terms of their effectiveness are not inferior to salon procedures.

With the help of home masks, it is possible to improve the complexion, smooth the skin of fine wrinkles, remove fatty gloss, narrow the pores of the skin, get rid of acne, pigment spots.

To ensure the skin the right care, you must first test its condition, find out what type it refers to, and based on this, choose suitable face masks.

Face masks recipes:

Laminaria for the face: useful properties, masks

Laminaria is rich in a whole complex of minerals and vitamins that nourish the fading skin of the face, tighten, improve color.

Black mask from black dots: popular recipes

Black Mask is a well-known mask-film, the basis of which is a curative composition. And it is not necessary to buy it! A home black mask from black dots of curative mud, clay or activated carbon will work just as well as the factory one.

Strawberry masks for complexion

Strawberry masks will be useful for girls with any type of skin. They moisturize, nourish, purify, tone and give a beautiful complexion.

Masks from a banana for the face

Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals valuable to the health of the body. Vitamins C, group B and potassium in large quantities contained in bananas normalize metabolism and improve complexion.

Masks for complexion

The presence of bad habits in lifestyle and nutrition worsens the skin and complexion. You can achieve a beautiful color only on a healthy and well-groomed face.

Fruit masks: pamper your skin with vitamins!

Fruits - a real pantry valuable for the health of the body's vitamins and trace elements. Applying them as a part of masks, it is possible to improve the skin condition of the face in a short time and make the appearance irresistible.

Masks made of white clay

Clay is known from ancient times as a great cosmetic facial skin care product. Of all types of clay, white has the best properties.

Masks for oily skin.

There are many recipes for home face masks for oily skin. They include natural ingredients that narrow the pores of the skin, significantly reducing the release of fat.

Anti-aging facial masks

Recipes for maintaining youthful skin, which our ancestors used, are still relevant today. With the help of rejuvenating home face masks, you can achieve amazing results.

Olive Masks for Skin Care

Olive oil is not only a valuable food, but also a very widely used cosmetic product. Thanks to the rich content of vitamins and trace elements, it perfectly softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face.

Whitening masks from age spots and freckles

In the spring and summer on the sensitive skin of the face there are kisses of the sun - freckles or pigment spots. The use of whitening masks can quickly and without consequences get rid of them.

Peeling masks: home cleansing

For carrying out the peeling procedure of the face, it is not necessary to attend an expensive beauty salon. Effective cleaning can be successfully conducted independently at home.

Masks from acne

Home masks allow you to effectively and quickly get rid of acne. They are made of natural ingredients and easy to use.

Nourishing masks from eggs

Chicken eggs have a lot of useful properties and are an excellent cosmetic product. On their basis, excellent nourishing and moisturizing face masks are obtained.

More recipes for masks:

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