Face peeling

Face peeling is one of the most common procedures in beauty salons. Peeling is the process of skin cleansing from dead cells, i.e. you shoot the old "scales" and quickly grow new, more young and beautiful.

To peeling resort in case of many skin problems: acne, acne, pigment spots, small wrinkles, faded complexion.

There are many types of peeling, so every woman chooses a procedure for her taste and desire, focusing on her age and skin type.

Kinds of peeling

Skin cleansing can be superficial, medial and deep. Surface peeling is most often performed at home by a mechanical method. This is the safest type of peeling that is suitable for any age and type of skin. For home skin cleaning, it is enough to buy in the store a ready-made mask-peeling, scrub or gommage, which contain in its composition small abrasive elements (crushed apricot bones). Finger pads apply a mask on the face and carefully massage on massage lines. As a result, the upper keratinized skin flakes will be cleansed, the skin will become even, blood circulation will improve, the regeneration process will accelerate.

In the professional salon you will be offered the following types of peeling: chemical peeling, laser, ultrasound, vacuum, enzyme, coral, almond, diamond, peeling fish, etc.

To understand what kind of peeling you need, we will consider all these procedures in more detail.

Ultrasonic peeling - one of the sparing options, does not hurt the skin. Ultrasound penetrates deep layers, accelerates metabolism and renewal. The result is visible on the same day.

Enzyme peeling is chosen by clients with sensitive skin type. It is soft enough, it does not hurt the skin. With it, you can improve the complexion and smooth out minor defects.

Types and methods of face peeling:

Home peeling

Fruit peeling

Enzyme peeling

Coral peeling

Median peeling

Peeling with fish

Chemical peeling

Milk peeling

Glycolic peeling

Yellow (retinoic) peeling

Laser Peeling

Diamond Peeling

Skin after peeling

Masks-peelings: homemade recipes

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