Lip Care in Summer and Winter

Lip Care in Summer

During hot summer weather, the lips, being under the constant influence of external negative factors, require careful care. The main problem that occurs in the summer is the drying of the lips, and as a result they begin to crack and peel off. This not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but can also become a place of accumulation of a large number of bacteria. In summer, the skin of the lips becomes more rough, especially if you have such a habit as biting the lower lip.

The first effective tool, which in summer should be in the purse of everyone - hygienic lipstick . It will protect your lips from sunlight, prevent them from peeling and remove cracks.

If you use makeup , pay attention to the composition of lipstick . Use only the products of well-known manufacturers, which add to the composition moisturizers and nutrients that can protect the skin of the lips throughout the day.

An excellent procedure that will save your lips from drying out in the summer and make them more vivid and attractive - massage with a toothbrush . Every day before going to bed, massage a few minutes of the lips with a toothbrush with soft bristles, and then wipe the chamomile with a decoction. This procedure will improve the blood circulation of the skin of the lips.

Lip Care in Winter

In the winter, our lips are subjected to a particularly severe test - frost, a strong cold wind cause exfoliation, the lips become dry, irritation and inflammation appear. Frost and wind, and especially the habit of breathing in the cold with the mouth, lead to the fact that the lips begin to peel off and they appear cracks. To help the lips in this case can hygienic lipstick or special moisturizing lip balms.

In order to prevent the inflammation of the lips and the appearance of a red border over the upper lip, use lipsticks based on beeswax and fat.

If the lips are flaky , use special lip scrubs, and massage them with a wet towel before going to bed. Dry lips in winter can be lubricated with honey or cucumber juice.

In the winter, very often it can appear on the lips of herpes . In this case, the use of lipstick should be minimized, or stopped at all, so as not to spread the infection all over the lip.

How to keep youth and fresh lips

Lip care should be comprehensive and daily. Only when the necessary rules for moisturizing and nourishing the lips, your mouth will always look great and will retain youth and bright color for a long time. To keep the lips youthful will help a few rules: do not bite your lips, if you have such a habit, abandon it immediately; do not lick your lips, especially in cold weather; Eat foods rich in vitamins. When removing makeup, do not forget about the lips, remove the remnants of lipstick with special lotions and gels.

The most delicious recipe for feeding lips is cream. Apply them for 10 minutes on the lips, and then lick. Do not forget about daily massage of lips with a moistened soft towel or a wet toothbrush with soft villi.

Exercises for lips

For the beauty of lips and mouth, you can perform special exercises. With the help of exercises you can slightly increase the lips , make them more plump and attractive.

1. With open lips, put the tongue in the lower lip and start making circular motions, moving from the lower to the upper lip and back, in a circle, while the back of the lips should feel the pressure of the tongue well.

2. As much as possible, close your lips and push them as far as possible for your teeth, repeat this exercise up to 15 times.

3. Close your lips with a tube, and blow out all the air, as if blowing on a dandelion, then smile broadly. Repeat at least 10 times.

Homemade Lip Mask

Masks for moisturizing the lips or from their peeling can be easily prepared at home with the help of improvised means. Rub salt with sugar and apply circular motions on the skin of the lips - it will be an excellent scrub from the peeling of the lips and removing the keratinized skin.

To feed the lips you can prepare the following mask: butter mixed with pieces of apples, kiwi, pineapple, peach. Exclude the lemon.

To soften the lips will help honey. Just apply it for 10 minutes on the lips, then rinse with warm water.

Sour cream : a spoonful of sour cream is mixed with lemon juice and a few drops of vegetable oil. The mixture is applied to the lips for 20 minutes.

Curd mask - curd mixed with cucumber or carrot juice, a few drops of vegetable oil. Apply on the lips for 30 minutes.

Kefir mask - kefir is applied a thin layer on the lips until completely dry, after that apply another 10 layers of kefir, before waiting for the complete drying of the previous layer. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

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