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Piercing. Fashion Trends

A couple of dozen years ago in our country did not even think that except for the ears it makes sense to pierce yourself something else. But the more technical progress develops, the more modern methods of piercing approach the wild tribes. In the crowd, punctured noses, lips, tongues, navels are increasingly encountered ... But it's still, as they say, flowers. But what do you think about the end-to-end tunnels in the ears, the punctured genitals, the nipples, or the holes in the skull, into which the rings (brain-piercing) are pierced?

If you still dream to stand out from the crowd, become fashionable, original and extreme, consider the today's popular types of piercing and the possible consequences after them.

Types of piercing

belly button piercing Belly button piercing . This type of piercing is the most common among young women of fashion, lovers of short topics.

The piercing of the navel is painful enough, and in the first 2-3 weeks of the wound it causes some inconvenience. For this period, you will have to give up playing sports, swing the press, and lean heavily. During pregnancy, the earring will have to be removed.

Piercing of the nose . Most often, an earring is worn on the wing of the nose, less often pierce the skin fold between the nasal septum and the tip of the nose. To pierce the nose is very painful!

Earrings are inserted in the nose like a screw, which looks like a small pebble on the outside. Changing the earring is not easy, it should be done solely on exhalation, so as not to inhale the small detail. In addition, nasal jewelry will bring you a lot of discomfort during the runny nose.

lip piercing When piercing the lips, the earring is worn either in the center or on the side. It should not touch the teeth from the inside of the mouth, otherwise the enamel will be damaged. Earring for the lips usually look like a carnation with a flat lock or ringlet.

If you think that lip piercing is beautiful, this beauty will bring you a lot of victims in the first 1-2 months. You will have problems with diction and eating. The first 15 days after the puncture, you forget about hot, cold, spicy, sweet, salty and hard.

Lip piercing has another significant drawback. Very often saliva from the mouth seeps through the puncture outwards, which is not entirely aesthetically pleasing.

ear piercing Ear piercing is the most common and common type of piercing. Today, you can pierce your ears anywhere - from a soft lobe to a tight cartilage. However, before piercing the ear, you should pay attention to the biologically active points, which are concentrated in the lobe. In the case of a puncture in an unsuccessful place, you risk getting problems with an organ, so ear piercing must be entrusted to a highly qualified specialist. The wound healing time is 1 month.

Intimate piercing . There are also such extremals that decide to do piercing in the genital area. And moreover, many of them hope to get from an intimate piercing not only aesthetic benefit, but also to enhance the erotic sensations during the love games.

It is worth noting that the punctures of intimate parts of the body are extremely painful, with complications can cause inflammation of the genital organs.

Eyebrow piercing has long ceased to be considered exotic, as it is increasingly found among young people. In the pierced hole is inserted an earring in the form of a bar with balls on both sides. At a puncture the brow very much bleeds, and around a eye there can be a bruise. The wound healing time is from 1 to 2 months.

Nipple piercing . Only lovers of extreme feelings agree with this, and mostly men. Women with pierced nipples are difficult to understand, since they put their own health and the health of their future children at great risk.

The procedure is very painful and painful, the wound heals about six months, the earring in the nipple is a nuisance during sleep for a long time.

tongue piercing Piercing language recently considered very fashionable among young people. However, few people agree to piercing the tongue, since it is not only very unpleasant, but also dangerous. The procedure is very painful, the tongue swells a lot, a few days after piercing it is very painful to talk and it is almost impossible to eat. The tongue piercing will spoil your diction and will deprive some taste sensations, as at the puncture taste buds are destroyed. The procedure can be trusted only by experienced professionals, since there are two large arteries in the language. If they are damaged, you can lose a lot of blood with heavy consequences.

Nail piercing is in our opinion the most aesthetic, noble and safe kind of piercing for women, which harmoniously complements the image of the most fashionable, extravagant lady. Puncture the nail better in the cabin, with the help of a special device, so as not to damage the nail plate.

How is piercing done?

Before deciding on a piercing, you should choose a good salon and a qualified master, so as not to harm your health. The piercing tool should be sterile, and the specialist should carefully examine the puncture site in order not to damage important blood vessels or biologically active points.

First, the master makes a puncture with a disposable needle. Then the hole is slightly widened and the earring is inserted. Your first jewelry should be light in weight and made of safe materials - gold, surgical steel, titanium.

Who should not get pierced?

Before you do the piercing, it is advisable to consult your doctor. With exacerbation of chronic diseases, piercing should be contraindicated. In addition, it is dangerous to do piercing in the presence of inflammatory processes in the body or pustules, at high temperature, poor blood coagulability, and if you are allergic to drugs with lidocaine.

Care of piercing

To avoid getting infection in the wound after the piercing, you need a thorough care. For a couple of weeks, you should stop swimming in the pool, sauna or lake. The puncture site should be treated on both sides with antiseptic preparations 2 times a day. Seryozhka need to scroll back and forth and with a cotton swab remove crusts from it. To treat the wound, tincture of calendula, chamomile, propolis, ointment with antibiotics will suit. When the wound heals, it should not bother. If redness or pain appears, consult a doctor, this may be a sign of infection.

Do not cover the puncture site with dense clothing that does not allow air to pass through, so you will increase the period of healing of the piercing.

Piercing healing

The time to heal puncture after piercing is individually individual, as it depends on the state of health. Rapidly tightened wounds on the ear lobes - from 14 to 25 days. On the nose and eyebrows, the puncture causes inconvenience for about a month. The healing of the piercing on the lips and tongue depends on how well the puncture point is chosen. The wound can be delayed from 7 days to 2 months.

Until the puncture has healed, medical earrings can not be changed to decorations made from ordinary metals. This can cause allergies, irritation of the wound or infection.

In the future, earrings are recommended during sleep to remove, so as not to injure the skin and let it rest for the night. If you remove the earrings for a couple of months and forget about them, the holes may become overgrown.

Complications of piercing

If the puncture site turns red and aching, this is the first sign of getting into the wound infection. In order not to worsen the situation, do self-medication, do not remove the earring yourself, but immediately consult a specialist.

In case of suppuration of the wound, use a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. After you have treated the suppuration wound with alcohol, attach to it a cotton swab with peroxide.

In some cases (more often on ear lobes) a small solid ball appears on the puncture site. In this case, you should wait for complete healing of the wound (3 weeks), and then remove the earring, apply a softening cream on the skin and try to massage the ball. With regular massage, education will soon disappear.

Negative effects of piercing

In some cases, the consequences after piercing can cause serious damage to health. Each person has the individual characteristics of the immune system, so it is impossible to predict possible adverse reactions of the piercing. The most dangerous consequences are:

1. Swelling of the punctured tongue can cause difficulty breathing.

2. Abundant hemorrhage due to damage to important blood vessels or arteries, as well as poor blood coagulability.

3. Infectious processes in the mouth when piercing the lips or tongue can lead to infection of the blood.

4. The risk of contracting viral hepatitis or HIV infection through poorly sterilized instruments.

5. Physical discomfort when piercing the nose and lips - violation of diction, damage to the teeth, danger of inhaling or choking earring.

In the case of the slightest suspicion of a complication after a piercing, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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