Powder or foundation: what to choose?

Powder or foundation?

Every woman dreams of looking attractive, without making any special effort. But every day we are all under stress. Contaminated ecology adversely affects the delicate skin of a woman's face, which requires additional protection. To do this, they created a powder and foundation. Modern developments in the beauty industry have made it possible to make these funds as useful as possible. But, in view of certain skin features, women sometimes face a choice: what is best for them, powder or foundation?

More recently, dermatologists have urged women to be cautious with the use of foundation. The dense structure of the cream clogged the pores and prevented normal breathing of the skin. As a result, reddening and rashes appeared. But all this is already behind us. The composition of modern tonal creams includes many components that nourish and restore the skin. Antioxidants contained in the cream, prevent aging, and sunscreens protect against the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

What are the advantages of powder?

On the other hand, powder, which for a long time held the palm tree of the championship. A delicate product that smooths the tone of the face, gives velvety skin. Now there are a lot of types of powder and they differ not only in color but also in consistency. Usual friable powder perfectly lays on the skin. The only inconvenience is its structure, so it is customary to use it at home. A compact powder is created for permanent use. It allows you to correct makeup in any conditions. Thanks to the composition, it is an ideal option for women with dry skin.

Cream powder combines the virtues of foundation and powder, which is their symbiosis. However, women with a fatty and combination skin type should better not use it.

Pros and cons of tonal funds

To appreciate all the benefits of foundation or powder is possible only by correctly selecting them. The main criterion in choosing a cosmetic is the type of female skin. The simplest type is the owner of a normal type. Both are fine for them. They can alternately be used to smooth the skin color and give it a velvety look. Women with dry skin are more suitable cream powder. If the usual powder is chosen, then before applying it is desirable to use a light moisturizer. In the event that you have oily skin, then the powder for you is the best option. It will remove excessive shine and will give the skin a matte shade.

As for foundation, then it is desirable to use it very moderately. Choose the tone that best fits yours. Apply with light movements, and do not rub it into the skin. With the right choice of a tool and applying, you will not have problems, whether it's powder or foundation.

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