Eyelashes. Rules for the care of eyelashes

Nourishing oils for growth and strengthening of eyelashes

To cilia look tempting, you need to regularly look after them. Nourishing oils will make your eyelashes fluffy and soft, and some home recipes will help make them stronger and a bit longer ...

Laminating eyelashes at home

Lamination of eyelashes is a useful procedure that treats and repairs the hair, making it more dense and voluminous. Keratin fills the cilia from the inside, covers them with a thin film.

Fluffy cilia in the home: care rules

If your eyelashes become rare and you often find yourself falling out cilia on your face, you need to take action urgently. Perhaps you paid little attention to them, used substandard cosmetics, etc. Beautiful cilia, like hair, need regular nourishing masks ...

Castor oil for eyelash growth

Castor oil is used very much for the care of eyelashes at home. It is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as biologically active substances, thanks to which the eyelashes become thicker and longer, shine appears, and their loss ceases ....

Loss of eyelashes. Causes, treatment

Loss of eyelashes is a real tragedy for a woman of fashion. Lacrimal cilia need urgent help, otherwise they can forever remain thin and unattractive. The causes of the loss of eyelashes can be directly related to the general health of women ...

How to beautifully make up eyelashes with mascara

It is possible and with the help of an ordinary carcass to make your eyes attractive, increase short eyelashes and give them length. For an optimal result, some rules should be followed.

How to lengthen your eyelashes with mascara

Lengthen eyelashes with the help of mascara simply, knowingly the secrets of make-up are appropriate for women. To begin with, you need to choose a quality lengthening mascara.

False eyelashes: how to use correctly

Modern means of cosmetics can not always achieve the desired result, but correctly glued false eyelashes, even at close range.

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