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Oils for growth and strengthening of eyelashes

Oil for eyelashes

eyelash oil Beautiful eyelashes, just like hair, require constant care. To cilia were flexible, fluffy, long it is recommended to pamper them with nutritious oils every time after removing makeup.

How does the oil for eyelashes work?

They envelop each eyelash with a thin film. It smooths the "piled up" keratin scales, protects the stem of each hair from contamination (including not always the positive effects of cosmetics), but also makes it thicker. As for rootlets, here oil starts a "growth program", due to which a number of eyelashes become thicker with time.

Which oils are considered the most effective?

Cosmeticians consider the most effective means for eyelash care:

- Castor oil - strengthens eyelashes, improves their growth, prevents loss.

- Peach , olive, burdock, sea-buckthorn oil contain vitamins and microelements for the nutrition of eyelashes.

- Wheat germ oil , almond oil, fish oil - ideal for eyelash growth

- Coconut , linseed, rosehip oil - moisturize and nourish the eyelashes, prevent loss.

- Rose oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the eyelids.

A mixture of several nutrient oils works on eyelashes particularly effectively. In the oil for eyelashes often add a few drops of vitamin A or E in solution, as well as extracts of medicinal herbs - chamomile, calendula, parsley, aloe, carrot juice.

How to apply oil on eyelashes

1. Mix in equal proportions several of the above oils in a flacon.

2. Clean eyelashes from the carcass with cosmetic milk.

3. Use the brush from the old carcass (if not, you can take a cotton swab). Dip the brush in the nutrient oil, remove the excess, wiping it off the edge of the vial. Carefully apply the oil from roots to tips so that nothing gets into your eyes. Remove excess oil with a cotton pad.

4. Remove the oil after 2 hours with a dry cotton swab. Do not leave oil overnight! You can wake up with swollen eyelids.

To prevent brittleness and loss of eyelashes, use a nutritious mixture of oils at least 2-3 times a week.

Effective recipes with oils for home care of eyelashes

Oil balm for eyelashes and skin of eyelids: castor oil, tincture of calendula and chamomiles in equal proportions. Balm not only strengthens the eyelashes, but also helps to remove the swelling around the eyes, to remove the inflammation.

Compress for eyelashes and eyelid skin: mix in equal parts castor oil, chopped parsley and aloe juice. Apply the mixture on the eyelids by patting movements daily, for 1 month.

Herbal lotions: rinse your eyes with chilled broth from chamomile, cornflower; sage, or simply tea brew. This is an excellent food and moisturizing for the eyelashes.

Stimulant for eyelash growth: composition: castor, almond, olive and burdock oil, fish oil, a few drops of vitamin E and / or A solution in oil. The mixture is poured into a vial and used daily for a month. The result will pleasantly surprise.

Oily mixture for eyelash growth: 1 tsp. castor and burdock oil, a few drops of vitamin E in oil, 3 drops of fresh aloe juice. Apply the mixture to the eyelashes every evening for 2 hours. Before going to sleep, you must remove the oil.

Sea-buckthorn oil mix with castor in equal parts. Apply to cleansed eyelashes for 2-3 hours. The product perfectly softens the eyelashes, makes them fluffy, strengthens.

Oil from the dogrose with the loss of eyelashes: the fruit of dog rose chop, mix 1 table.close of the received mass with sea buckthorn and burdock oil (2 tablespoons). Put the mixture in a dark place for 10 days. Lubricate the eyelashes with oil every day.

Be careful: when applying any oil to the eyelashes, make sure that nothing gets into the eye's mucous membrane. You will feel an unpleasant oily film on your eyes, which will be difficult to wash off with water. In addition, around the eyes may appear edema.

We choose oil for eyelashes: useful properties, composition

Castor. Inexpensive, helps the cilia to become thicker and quickly grow back, slightly dimming them. It is applied only to the hairs - if it gets on the eyelid, the skin can react with swelling.

Almond. The source of elasticity and luster of your cilia, an assistant to their rapid regrowth. A rich composition (vitamins, glycerides, proteins, acids) helps the hairs to lengthen and shine, and the roots - to "wake up" and activate.

Burdock. "First aid" for brittle, stratified hairs. The product can be applied to the skin - the nutritional composition will enrich it, "feeding" the bulbs, which will help the eyelashes grow healthy and thick.

Peach. Number one against the loss of cilia. Rich composition (microelements, vitamins, natural acids) rejuvenates every hair. Masters are advised to make masks with this oil, applying them to the entire eyelid - the product will smooth wrinkles, remove signs of fatigue, will refresh the skin tone.

Argan. Nourishes eyelashes and eyelid skin, moisturizes every hair, strengthens them, helps grow new cilia.

Linen. "First aid" for severely affected hairs.

Coconut. A good choice for dry eyelashes - oil moisturizes them, nourishes up to the very bulbs, gives an expensive shine.

Fish fat. Inexpensive, but very active means, helping the hairs to quickly grow, thickening at the same time. This oil is considered one of the richest, and therefore, nutritious.

Sea-buckthorn. Option for girls with sparse eyelashes - this oil will help the hairs become thick and fluffy. And in addition, this oil also softens every cilium, without harming the cuticle - it after each procedure remains strong and resistant to damage. Also, sea buckthorn oil strengthens the bulbs, so you stop losing them (or the loss will decrease several times).

Olive. Affordable butter, which is found among a third of women in the kitchen. Due to the rich and balanced composition, it is easily applied, qualitatively nourishing eyelashes and skin near them.

Jojoba oil. One of the most delicate products. Due to the presence of amino acids and proteins, it moistens every cilium, strengthening the cuticle. Many craftsmen call this a liquid wax.

Can I use essential oils for eyelashes?

There are girls who try to treat cilia not basic, but essential oils. But if you ask the opinion of cosmetologists, it turns out that experts treat this "treatment" critically. Ethers can hurt your eyes. If you are someone very strongly recommended essential oil, dilute it as much as possible with a "base", otherwise you can burn the skin of the eyelids.

Eyelashes: Precautions

And of course, do not forget about the elementary: before applying an unfamiliar oil on your eyes, brush a droplet on your wrist and wait for 30 minutes. If the skin does not turn red, you do not have an allergy, so you can use oil for cosmetic purposes.

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