Moles. Kinds of moles

Kinds of moles

Several kinds of moles occur on the human body. Depending on their color and size, they can be both harmless, and conceal a danger to health.

The value of moles

It is believed that every birthmark on the human body carries its own significance. Everything depends on its location, color, shape and size.

Ways to remove moles

Removing moles is a very complicated and risky procedure. It is advisable to resort to it only according to the doctor's testimony in cases when it is a serious threat to health.

Melanoma: how to recognize in time

If the body has many birthmarks and pigmented spots, there is a risk of developing melanoma. Recognize in time this terrible disease in the initial stage - then save yourself a life.

Red moles

Red birthmarks do not carry a threat to life and health of a person. But still some rules should be known and observed.

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