Salicylic peeling

Salicylic peeling is one of the most effective rejuvenating procedures for facial and body skin, which in a short time can significantly improve the appearance without resorting to plastic surgery. Its action is based on the use as the main element of salicylic acid.

Depending on the acid concentration in the solution, salicylic peeling is superficial (15%) and medium (30%). Superficial peeling does not penetrate the epidermis and is used when it is necessary to eliminate such problems as fine wrinkles, small pigment spots on the skin, excessive fat content of the skin and associated acne. Mid peeling penetrates deeper layers of the skin and allows to significantly improve its condition due to lifting and removal of deep wrinkles, which is very important in old age.

The main advantages of salicylic peeling are its versatility - the ability to use in different areas of the body and in a wide age range, as well as the ease and short duration of the procedure. It is best to entrust the manipulation of the skin to an experienced master in a beauty salon.

At the end of the procedure, there may be a slight peeling and reddening of the skin, which quickly pass and, as a rule, within a week you will amaze the people around with a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Contraindications to salicylic peeling - allergy to salicylic acid, inflammatory processes on the skin in the acute stage, pregnancy and lactation. It is also better to refrain from this procedure in the summer and not to expose the skin to direct sunlight for at least the first 2-3 weeks.

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