Traces of Acne

Traces of acne appear more often as a result of improper skin care. If you have treated acne medication, with the help of chemist's creams or home anti-inflammatory masks, traces from them should not remain. But in case you have a habit of squeezing out the contents of a pimple, your skin will necessarily have a scar in the form of a red stain or an asterisk that will be difficult to remove.

With the help of proven folk remedies, you can "erase" traces and scars from acne.

1. Cucumber juice is called a home cosmetologist, it not only whitens the skin, but also contains important trace elements that accelerate the regeneration of cells.

2. Decoction and juice from parsley is a tonic and bleaching agent. Frozen a decoction of parsley in a special form in the form of cubes and massage the problem areas on the face.

3. Mask of green (white) clay with essential oil of rosemary. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of clay in warm water until the consistency of the gruel, add 10 drops of rosemary oil and apply to problem areas of the skin or to the entire face for 15 minutes. Healing spots from acne accelerates.

4. Facial peeling will help to quickly and effectively update the skin, remove the old keratinized layer of cells and accelerate the regeneration process. At all it is not necessary to scratch a skin skrabom at presence on it inflammations and purulent spots - you will aggravate a situation, extend an infection on all surface of a skin. Peeling should be entrusted only to a professional who will choose the procedure necessary for you, for example, using vacuum, laser or ultrasound.

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