How to sunbathe in a solarium

sunburn in the solarium

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck

To achieve a beautiful bronze skin tone today, it is not necessary to spend long hours in a debilitating sun. It is enough to visit several sessions of the solarium, and you can get a seductive chocolate tan at any time of the year.

Use of the solarium:

1. Ultraviolet rays contribute to the development of an important vitamin D3 in our body.

2. Light irradiation charges us with vital energy, the hormone of happiness is produced in the body - endorphin, which raises the mood

3. Lamps of the solarium contain filters that protect us from the effects of gamma radiation, so sunburn in the solarium is considered safer, in contrast to sunbathing in the sun .

To get a beautiful seductive shade, you need to know some rules of sunburn in the solarium. After all, if it is wrong to prepare for a tanning salon, or sunbathe for more time than your skin can withstand, you can get dark spots after the tanning on the skin or worse, burn like a cancer.

In front of the solarium ...

1. Before sunbathing in a solarium, it is necessary to consult your attending physician. In some diseases, a visit to the solarium can be dangerous to health, for example - dermatitis, hypertension, liver disease, etc. Doctors are also advised not to visit the solarium during pregnancy, breastfeeding, during critical days and when taking hormonal contraceptives. With hormonal failures in the body, sunburn can stain .

A solarium can be harmful when taking certain medications, since many medications provoke an allergy to ultraviolet radiation. The risk zone includes some antibiotics, drugs from diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as strong antidepressants. Check with your doctor for more information.

2. To tan in the solarium turned out even, and the skin is not burned, there is a specially designed cosmetics for the solarium. Attention: the means for sun protection in the solarium are not suitable. Before sunburn, apply a protective cream for the solarium in accordance with your skin type. After sunburn - a means for moisturizing and cooling the skin.

3. Do not take a shower with soap before the solarium; soap dissolves the protective fatty film of the skin, as a result you will burn or dry the skin. For the same reason, do not do epilation before sunburn.

4. Before visiting the solarium, perfume should not be applied to the skin.

How many sunbathing in the solarium?

The time in the solarium depends primarily on the type of your skin. How much should you sunbathe?

1. If your skin is very light, quickly reddens and burns in the sun, you have a lot of freckles, and the hair color is blond or light-red, you have the first (Celtic) type of skin. By and large, such people are better not to sunbathe. As an option - use autosunburn . But if you really want to give your skin a natural golden hue, you can sunbathe no more than 10 minutes 1-2 times a week. The first session of the solarium should be about 3 minutes.

2. If the skin is light, tans, but often burns, you have a few freckles, blond eyes and fair-haired hair - you are the owner of the second skin type (light-skinned European). Your first session in the solarium - from 3 to 5 minutes, then you can sunbathe 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.

3. If you have enough light skin, but rarely burns, hair - light brown or chestnut, eyes - gray or brown, then your skin type - the third (black European). The maximum time of tanning in the solarium is 20 minutes, not more than 3 times a week. After 5 sessions you will get a seductive chocolate shade.

4. By the fourth type of skin (Mediterranean) - are swarthy girls, easily liable to sunburn, with brown eyes and dark hair. The maximum tanning time is 20 minutes. After a few sessions, a beautiful tan in the solarium is provided for you.

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck

1. Ask the solarium administrator how many minutes to sunbathe in the solarium. In each salon the power and the number of lamps in the solarium are different, in addition, for each type of skin, the optimal time and intensity of sunburn is selected. As a rule, the first session of sunburn can last from 3 to 5 minutes, in subsequent sessions the time is gradually increased to 10-20 minutes.

2. Before the solarium, make sure that your skin is clean of all excess - remove makeup, remove ornaments. In the solarium you can not use cosmetics, deodorants, nourishing creams and aromatic oils. When they are heated, there may be unpredictable results.

3. During sunburn, it is necessary to protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses for the solarium. But contact lenses in the solarium must be removed, otherwise you can hurt your eyes.

4. If you love and protect your hair, put a cotton panama on your head during sunbathing. Ultraviolet rays dry and destroy the structure of the hair, they will become dull and brittle.

5. Immediately before sunburn, apply a sunblock to the entire body in the solarium.

6. The rules of the solarium do not recommend sunbathing with an open chest, especially to the ladies after thirty. It is better to wear a cotton bra in a solarium, or put special lining on the breast.

What you need to do after a tanning salon

When you are sunbathing, your body spends more energy than usual, because UV rays enhance metabolism. Therefore, after a tanning salon, it is best to relax and rest, drink a vitamin drink or green tea, and limit physical activity.

Do not forget that your skin needs moisturizing after a tanning salon.

On a note:

If your body has a tattoo, then it's better to cover it in a solarium, because Some dyes may fade or cause an allergy when irradiated.

The skin on the palms and feet tans very badly, in comparison with other parts of the body, since there are less pigment-forming cells.

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