How to choose a foundation cream

How to choose a foundation cream

Tonal cream - the basis of any make-up, it gives the skin of the face grooming and freshness. Wrongly selected cream can ruin your image. Too light tone of the cream will give the face the appearance of a pale mummy, and too dark will make you older for several years. To select a tonalnik should be approached with special care. Here are some useful tips.

How to choose a shade of foundation

When buying a cream, you can test its shade on your wrist. However, very often the complexion is slightly darker than the skin on the wrist, so ideally the cream should be "tried on" the area of ​​the cheekbone. Apply one drop and blend well. The cream should be almost invisible on the skin, giving a light fresh shade of pink or beige.

Some girls tend to use a foundation to give a tint, and intentionally buy a product much darker than their skin. This is a gross mistake, because the face of the face will look unevenly colored, dirty.

An important factor in choosing a shade of cream is the color type of your skin . If the skin is warm shade (your color pattern is autumn or spring), try to choose a foundation with a reflection of warm golden notes. If the skin has a cold bluish backlight (according to the color-type you are summer or winter), the foundation should ideally have silvery or bronze particles.

If you follow this rule, you will achieve the perfect skin tone that will make your face fresh and young, and also give your eyes extra shine!

How to choose a texture of foundation

The composition of the foundation is the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a cosmetic. An ideal foundation should not only approach the shade of your skin, but also conform to its type. If you have oily skin, the wrong foundation will "melt" on it and slide, and give you additional problems. The toning cream for oily skin is designed specifically for a more dense structure, it does not contain oils and fats and is able to absorb excess sebum from the skin during the day. Its antimicrobial effect will reduce the amount of acne and rash on the skin.

The tonal cream for dry skin should have a moisturizing and nourishing property, so it is advisable to buy a product of a more expensive and high-quality brand. Alternatively, mix your foundation with a regular moisturizer. The skin will become more fresh and natural.

For girls with oily skin is ideal matting tone cream , which absorbs a greasy shine, as a result, makeup looks neat all day.

In the autumn-winter period it is recommended to use a special foundation for the winter , which has a protective property against adverse environmental factors, protects the skin from hypothermia.

It is believed that for young skin of 15-25 years, a foundation cream is not desirable, since it clogs the pores of the skin, makes it difficult for oxygen to access the cells. Especially for young skin in modern cosmetic lines, tonal bases of a lighter structure have been developed that allow the skin to breathe, are a preventive remedy for acne and acne, and also help to hide small skin defects and even outline its structure.

After 35 years, the skin easily loses its elasticity, so it needs special care. For women with flabby skin, prone to fine wrinkles, tonal means with a lifting effect, which immediately tighten and smooth the skin with an invisible wax mesh, are suitable.

How to apply a foundation

When the tonal cream is applied correctly, the skin acquires an even shade, all the blemishes, acne and pimples are hidden, there are no circles under the eyes. The tonal cream should not be visible on the skin, makeup borders should be gently smoothed.

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