Breast Care

bruise The skin of the breast is very thin and tender, so it needs delicate care. The most frequent cosmetic deficiencies that occur on the skin of the chest are stretch marks, flabbiness, loss of elasticity.

With stretch marks on the chest, we can face, if we gain or lose weight sharply. That's why, having decided to lose weight, choose a sparing diet, so that weight loss occurs gradually. Stretch marks also appear during pregnancy and lactation, with a change in the hormonal background, with an unbalanced diet, when the skin loses important nutrients.

Proper care of the skin of the breast

To maintain the skin of the breast in perfect condition, you must follow the following rules.

1. Daily arrange for a chest light contrast shower, it will help improve blood circulation, tighten and strengthen the skin.

2. The skin of the breast regularly needs moisturizing, as there are not enough sebaceous glands in it. Get a special cream for your breasts or use a regular moisturizing face cream and apply it gently in a circular motion every day after taking a shower.

3. Once or twice a week, apply to the breast nourishing masks, they will help increase the elasticity of the skin, make it smoother and younger, prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

4. Special exercises for the breast will help not only improve the skin condition, but also pull up the shape of the breast, make it more elastic and lush.

Homemade masks for the skin of the breast

Important components for the healthy skin of the breast are vitamins A, C, E. They are in large quantities found in vegetable oils (olive, castor, almond, linseed, wheat germ oil). Mix a tablespoon of any of the oils with a few drops of essential oil (rosemary, lavender, orange) and gently rub into the skin for 3-5 minutes. Remove residual oil with a tissue. Oil masks will have a tightening, rejuvenating effect for your breasts, help to reduce stretch marks.

Mask from stretch marks with mummies

If you have stretch marks on your chest, they can be reduced and even completely smoothed out with the help of a powerful natural remedy - a mummy. Dissolve 1-2 tablets (or capsules) of mummy in two tablespoons of hot liquid (water, green tea, milk, cream, herb decoction) and massage movements lightly rub into the skin of the breast. It is better not to wash the mask. Daily procedures will help within a month to make stretch marks unnoticeable.

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