Skin Care

What is your skin type? Test

Correctly selected means for skin care of the face can make you irresistible. The main criterion of choice is, first of all, the skin type.

Rules of care for dry skin

Dry skin gives the wearer a certain discomfort and with age he becomes more and more palpable. However, the shortcomings of this type of skin can be eliminated by following certain rules of care for it.

Care for oily skin

Bold skin type in comparison with other types has certain advantages, because fat moisturizes the skin, creating a protective film on its surface. To competently take advantage of the advantages of this type of skin you need to adhere to a number of recommendations.

Combined skin

Combined face skin combines all the advantages and disadvantages of fatty and dry skin types. From this you need to proceed when choosing rules and cosmetics to care for it.

Facials: home masks

To maintain the freshness and youth of the skin does not necessarily always resort to the help of beauty salons. Home face masks are a very effective way to maintain the beauty and attractiveness of the image, based on natural ingredients, given to us by nature itself.

Skin peeling

Skin peeling accompanies, as a rule, a dry type of skin. This problem occurs regardless of age. To get rid you need to know the reasons for its occurrence.

Skin Care

Young skin should shine from the inside with freshness and beauty. The most common skin problems at a young age are high fat content, which leads to acne and acne. In order not to lose its attractiveness, every girl should know the golden rules of caring for young skin ...

Care for mature skin

Cosmetologists consider the skin mature when reaching the age of 35 to 45 years. The main problems of mature skin are loss of moisture, which leads to dryness and premature wrinkles. With the help of proper care, you can return the skin to youth and freshness ...

Facial skin care in summer

In the summer season, many people forget to look after their skin. After all, the sun, water, air, can bring not only joy, but also additional problems. The impact of UV rays aggressively affects the skin, thins, dehydrates, which provokes the appearance of pigment spots and the first wrinkles ...

Rugged skin

Hardened areas of the skin cause us a lot of problems. Rough heels or elbows cause considerable discomfort, spoil the image of well-groomed appearance. We will explain the causes of dry skin and effective methods of treatment ...

Care for sensitive skin

Care for sensitive skin should be extremely delicate. After all, the skin reacts to any external factors - unfavorable weather conditions, temperature changes, poor quality water. Cosmetics for sensitive skin should be natural and soft, with a neutral level of Ph ...

Perfect face skin

The ideal condition of the skin of the face can be achieved at home, without expensive beauty salons. It's enough to love yourself ... and to follow simple recommendations on facial care. Simple homemade recipes will make the skin smooth and radiant.

How to make the skin smooth and velvety

Smooth skin gives the face a beautiful well-groomed appearance even without cosmetics. But to achieve smoothness of the skin is not possible to many - because her condition directly depends on our health, as well as the attitude to your health. Coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, fast food are reflected on the skin in the form of pimples, redness, and also make its color pale ...

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