How to increase the lips of folk remedies

how to enlarge the lips

How to increase the lips of folk remedies

Beautiful, plump, well-groomed lips always attracted the attention of men. Women are increasingly resorting to risky plastic procedures to give lips fullness and sexuality. And all because not everyone believes that the lips can be enlarged with the help of folk remedies.

To achieve the effect of folk remedies, you need to be patient and observe the regularity of procedures. The result justifies the invested labor!

Folk masks for lip augmentation

1. The recipe for this mask came to us from a make-up artist from Los Angeles, who works in a well-known beauty salon.

Ingredients: Take one teaspoon of Vaseline, honey, sugar, lemon juice and 0.5 teaspoon of glycerin. Thoroughly beat the resulting mixture and warm it in a water bath for 5 minutes. Allow to cool, then apply to the lips for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

The result: lips become softer, contours - more distinct, lips look fuller, acquire sexual plumpness. True, the effect remains only a few hours.

2. Many women are helped by the following recipe: take a lip brush and apply neatly to the lips and their contours Vaseline. With daily use, the lips become juicy, soft and plump. In addition, the lips are never airy and resistant to the occurrence of inflammatory rashes.

Lip massage

A positive effect for beauty and plump lips gives daily massage. Whenever you visit the bath, do not forget to massage your lips with your fingertips or a toothbrush. Before the massage, it is desirable to apply a light cream or gel.

Be careful: do the massage with a toothbrush very carefully and delicately, since you risk injuring the delicate skin and bringing the infection.

Also noticed that long daily kisses with your beloved are guaranteed to increase your lips!

Exercises for lips

exercises to increase the lips Daily exercises to increase the lips give a result in a few weeks. Warning: While doing the exercises, try not to stretch the skin around the lips, so as not to make wrinkles around the mouth.

1. Pull your lips and sing slowly all the vowel sounds, you should feel the tension in the muscles of the lips. Repeat the exercise twice a day, and your lips will noticeably change, become more crisp and plump.

2. Pull forward the lips, open your mouth a little (like a fish swallows the air), then tightly close your lips and relax the facial muscles.

3. Firmly close your lips, inflate your cheeks and chew the air, moving your lips first from right to left, then vice versa.

4. Close your mouth slightly, pull the tongue forward and slowly count to five. Then remove the tongue and relax.

5. Pull your lips forward and sharply blow out the air, as if blowing out a candle. After that, relax your lips.

6. Strongly inflate your cheeks, fold your lips into a tube. First slowly exhale the air through the tube, and then expel all the air with three sharp jerks.

7. Strongly inflate your cheeks and blow air through half-closed lips so. The lips must vibrate at the same time.

8. If you like to whistle, do it more and with pleasure! Whistling melodies for 5 minutes a day will help make your lips more attractive.

To achieve the desired result, do these exercises daily for a month. To maintain the resulting form, repeat the exercises 2-3 times a week. If before practicing rinse your mouth first with warm, then with cold water, thus improving blood circulation, you will get the most effect.

It is desirable to repeat each exercise about 10 times.


There is another way to enlarge the lips, avoiding surgery - permanent make-up or tattooing. But in this case there is a risk that the result will not be pleasant to you, and to correct mistakes of the master will be very difficult, as well as in plastic surgery. Therefore, if you decide on a permanent make-up, look first and foremost a reliable and experienced master.

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