How to properly sunbathe in the sun

how to sunbathe in the sun

How to sunbathe in the sun

Sunbathing should be able to. Otherwise, the sun can ruin your whole vacation. To quickly get a smooth chocolate shade and not burn your skin, use the following tips.

To whom it is harmful to sunbathe?

Sunbathing is harmful to people who have very light skin and hair, who have a lot of birthmarks and pigment spots on their bodies, who have very large birthmarks, more than 1.5 cm. Such people are prone to sunburn , in addition, ultraviolet rays can provoke they have a number of serious diseases. The best way out for you is a self-tanning cream .

If you are sure that tanning will do you good, take note of the following rules.

Golden rules of beautiful sunburn

A few weeks before the trip to the beach, you can prepare the skin for intensive tanning, using the solarium. Five-minute sessions of the solarium 2 times a week will give the skin a golden hue and natural protection against the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays.

- In the first few days of sun exposure, sunscreen should be used. Remember that the most vulnerable places for sunburn are the nose, chest and shoulders. They should be lubricated with cream every half hour on the beach.

- If you have a rest in hot countries (Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Africa), in the early days do not sunbathe in the open sun for more than 5 minutes. Then gradually increase the time spent in the sun. In this case, the effect of sunburn will please you. Remember, it's not recommended to sunbathe for over an hour.

In the period from 12 to 14 o'clock in the afternoon the sun is especially burning, so it's best to spend this time in the shade. Optimal time to sunbathe with health benefits - until 11 am.

Before bathing, it is also necessary to lubricate the skin with a protective cream, since ultraviolet rays penetrate the water to a depth of up to one and a half meters.

If you sweat heavily, lubricate the skin with a protective cream as often as possible, as sweat reduces its effectiveness.

How to get a beautiful tan without burns?

- Do not go to the beach without sunglasses and panama. Remember that a bright sun can trigger the appearance of fine wrinkles, and your hair without a headdress in the sun can become dull and brittle.

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  • - During the sunbathing try to change the position every 5-10 minutes, substituting under the sun, then the back, then the belly. If you are on the beach for more than an hour, you need to shelter from direct sunlight under a canopy or umbrella.

    - After sunburn, it is recommended to rinse the skin under a cool shower and apply a nourishing lotion.

    For a beautiful chocolate tan we go to the sea!

    How to get tanned quickly? It's no secret that the fastest and beautiful tan is obtained on the beach near the pond. Due to the unique property of water to reflect the sun's rays, their effect is greatly enhanced. Your skin immediately tans and during bathing, since ultraviolet works even in water.

    To strengthen the tan, after bathing do not soak the skin with a towel, but let it dry on the sun. Only in this case, you have a better chance of getting burned, since the droplets of water in the sun have the properties of optical lenses.

    Sunbathing near water is more beneficial for the skin, since moist air softens the skin and does not allow it to dry out. To not burn in the sun, use special creams for sunburn.

    How to speed up sunburn. Tanning Amplifiers

    The fastest chocolate tan can be obtained if freshly squeezed juices from carrots or apricots are eaten daily during the beach season.

    The safest way to speed up sunburn is using creams with special additives to enhance the tan. Such funds can be used even on completely white skin in the early days of the beach season. Cream stimulant tan raises the production of melanin, and also prevents sunburn, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. As a result, you get a smooth, beautiful and healthy tan.

    Another way to speed up tanning is to use tanning creams for tanning. Such creams enhance the blood circulation of the skin, as a result, the pigment melanin is produced faster and tan is intensified. After the application of a tingle cream, the skin may turn red, and the likelihood of allergy is also high. Therefore, before using a new tool, it is better to test it on a small area of ​​the skin. Tingle cream is best not to use on completely white, unflavored skin, in addition it is generally not recommended to apply to the face.

    Creams for a beautiful tan

    To protect the skin from burns, it is necessary to use special means for sunburn with the protection factor SPF (Sun Proction Factor). They will help to retain moisture in the skin, prevent premature aging, and also provide protection from ultraviolet rays. SPF-index in the cream can vary from 3 to 50, so you need to choose a sunscreen in accordance with your skin type . The lighter and more sensitive your skin is, the higher the SPF factor should be.

    In case of strong solar activity (from 11 to 16 hours), it is recommended to use sunscreens with an SPF index of at least 20 - 30. For a swarthy skin, a cream with a protective factor of 10 is suitable.

    The cream should be applied to the skin with a thin layer of massage movements every 30 minutes in the sun. If you leave a thick layer of cream on the skin, you get the opposite result: the cream will heat up in the sun and damage the skin.

    There are also tanning agents that enhance the effect of sunlight, resulting in tanning will turn out to be intense, smooth, and beautiful.

    When buying a tanning cream, pay attention to the label: it can be designed for sunbathing not under the open sun, but for a tanning salon. Such cream does not contain protective components from UV rays, so using such a cream on the beach, you can get burned.

    Oil for a beautiful tan

    The use of natural cosmetic oils is one of the fastest ways to get a smooth, beautiful and healthy tan without harm to the skin. It is convenient to buy a ready-made bottle of oil, designed specifically for suntan from famous manufacturers - AVON, NIVEA, GARNIER. They usually include wheat, coconut , cocoa butter, avocado, palm, beta-carotene, vitamins, antioxidants, SPF-factors of protection from UV rays. The oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin, enhances the production of melanin, which promotes the production of a quick chocolate tan, creates a thin protective film on the skin, smoothes it, prevents premature aging. Apply oil to clean skin immediately after showering or before going to the beach. After bathing in the sea, the oil is washed off, so it is required to apply a new layer. Be careful when using chemical, synthetic oils, as they often cause allergies. Attention: conventional cosmetic oil without UV protection factors is recommended for use on prepared, tanned skin, otherwise there is a risk of getting burned. The only inconvenience of using oils for sunburn - to your skin will stick sandy beach.

    Diet Beautiful for sunburn

    1. A beautiful chocolate tan depends largely on what foods we eat. The strongest natural activator of sunburn is beta-carotene. It increases the production of pigment melanin, which gives the skin a beautiful shade. Many women have noticed that with the daily use of orange and red fruits - carrots, apricots, peaches, tan becomes more vivid. Beta-carotene is also found in melon, pumpkin, watermelon, red pepper, apples and pears.

    2. Amino acid tyrosine also plays a major role in the production of melanin. A large amount of tyrosine is found in products of animal origin - liver, red meat, fish - tuna, cod, besides it is found in beans, almonds, avocados.

    3. Auxiliary substances in the production of melanin are also vitamin C, E, selenium and lycopene. Therefore, if you want to achieve an intense chocolate shade for a short vacation time, take the complex with mineral supplements for a few weeks before going to the sea.

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