Beautiful tanning rules

How to properly sunbathe in the sun?

Get a nice smooth intense tan during the vacation and avoid the sunburn at the same time quite realistically. Read these tips for amazing results.

Chocolate tan: how to achieve a fashionable shade?

A saturated chocolate shade of the skin is always at the height of fashion. He gives the woman charm, sexuality, creates the image of a modern lady. However, the tint of natural tan does not always match the fashion and can come out pale, uneven, and even greenish.

Products for a beautiful tan

To a beautiful sunburn, the skin needs to be prepared. Without the necessary vitamins, the production of melanin will be slowed down and the tan will be pale. The main ally of tanning is beta-carotene. What you need to eat to get the desired shade of the skin?

Sunbathing without harm to health

The sun's rays are not so harmless. It is known that staying in the sun without measure can lead to sad consequences - burns, swelling, melanoma. Beautiful skin - first and foremost healthy skin. Read our next tips ...

Coconut oil for a beautiful tan

Coconut oil is cosmetics created by nature itself. Coconut has amazing properties. Enclosing the skin with a thin soft film, it protects the skin from harmful radiation and promotes the appearance of a rich bronze pigment ...

Beautiful self-tanning in the home

A beautiful bronze or chocolate shade of tan on the skin is always at the height of fashion and gives the image of a modern lady of style, charm and sexuality. How to look irresistible, if you for some reason do not get a natural tan.

How to wash off the tan? Simple and affordable recipes

Wrong with the brand of autosunburn and did not check the resulting shade of color on a small area of ​​the skin and as a result received an undesirable effect? Do not be discouraged - there is a way out of any situation!

How correctly to sunbathe in a sun deck

You can achieve a rich skin tone not only in the summer, being in the sun for a long time. Today it is available at any time of the year in just a few sessions of visiting the solarium.

White spots after sunburn: causes and consequences. How to avoid sunburn spots

As a result of excessive sun bathing, white spots on the skin may appear on the skin. They not only spoil the appearance, but also can be a consequence of any functional disorders in the body and therefore require urgent measures to eliminate them.

White skin or tan?

White porcelain shade of the skin look very attractive. But how to be in the presence of such drawbacks as acne or blue veins, if they constantly have to be masked with a voice-frequency cream?

Skin types: sunbathing correctly

Scientists have shown that the reaction of the skin to the sun's rays in all people manifests itself in different ways. For some, half an hour is enough to get the skin a seductive shade. However, there are people who are unable to spend under the scorching sun and five minutes without unpleasant consequences. There are 6 skin phototypes that determine the intensity and stability of tan shades ...

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  • How to strengthen a tan.
  • Tints of sunburn. What shade of sunburn to you to face?
  • How to get intense (fast) tan

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