Suitable hairstyles for a round face

In women with a round face, the same length and width of the face, the chin has a round shape. The hair growth line in you, most likely, too rounded.

When creating a harmonious image, your goal is to visually make the face more elongated with the help of hair and accessories.

Suitable hairstyles for a round face

hairstyle for a round face
  • Choose high hairstyles that help stretch the face.
  • You can comb your hair back. In this case, it is also necessary to take into account the shape of the nose. Smooth hairstyles will suit you only if your face seems round and in profile.
  • The parting can be made central or deep diagonal - it all depends on the features of your face.
  • If you want a short haircut, it is better to make it a stepping stone. So you visually extend the face.
  • You have long hair, as well as haircuts and hairstyles just below the chin.
  • Large curls.
  • A comb bangs on one side to narrow the face.

    What does not suit you:

  • Thick bangs make the face even rounder.
  • Very short haircuts.
  • Straight flowing hair.
  • Intense perm.
  • Volumetric hairstyles that add width.

    Which glasses are suitable for a round face?

    With the help of glasses you can correct the balance of the face. Your task - to narrow and stretch the face, try the following options:

  • Choose glasses of the same width as your face, you can even slightly wider.
  • The shape of the glasses will suit you angular, with dark lenses.

    Hats for round face shape

    Picking up a hat, pay attention to hats with a high top. You also have good asymmetrical hats with vertical feather-like details.

    Which earrings are suitable for a round face?

    Give preference to earrings square and elongated shape. Any long suspension, especially below the chin - is your ideal accessory.

    Round earrings and rings will make your face even wider. Therefore, you should avoid such a shape of earrings.

  • How to choose the right earrings?

    Choose the shape of the eyebrows for a round face

    Using the shape of the eyebrows, you can change the proportions of the face. When modeling the eyebrows, choose a slightly pointed form.

    However, remember that a too long line of eyebrows will not work for you.

    Makeup for a round face shape

    Makeup can also help you change the proportions of the face. Try to make your chin more pointed. For this purpose, a darker base should be applied on both sides of the center of the chin, as well as on the jaw and under the cheekbones.

    Blush will help lengthen the face, if you put them on the cheekbones towards the temples.

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