Curly hair. Curly hair. Care and laying

curly hair, curly hair

Curly hair , of course - it's a gorgeous gift from nature. However, caring for them delivers a lot of trouble to their landladies. Such hair is more prone to dryness and brittleness.

If the hair is hard, they are difficult to lay down and do not obey the comb at all. Curls can lie down in playful rings, or stand on end.

Why is this happening? Our hair is covered with keratin scales. If the scales are unevenly distributed, the hair grows in one direction, then in the other, thus forming cute curls. If curly hair grow, for sure they will be dry at the ends and fatty at the roots. To this problem is very often added excessively sensitive scalp, the absence of natural moisture in hair and split ends.

To have a healthy hair outlet one is the right care. First of all pay attention to your shampoo. Today, there is a wide variety of hair cosmetics specifically designed to care for curly hair. Shampoos from this series will relieve you of many troubles. Do not trust shampoos that include both balm and conditioner, according to the principle of "three in one" - it is always an incompatible mixture of chemicals. The most famous brands of shampoos with a special series for curly hair are Schwarzkopf, L`Oreal Professional, Nivea, Mirra Lux, Bubble Kids by Chicco and others.

Wash your head no more than once every two to three days, first dilute a small amount of shampoo with water. A very useful procedure for your hair before washing is a short-term scalp massage with almond oil.

Pamper your hair with mineral mud, they will really like it. This is an excellent cleansing of hair from dirt, dust, harmful substances.

After washing curly hair, you can not avoid the "dandelion effect", if you do not use balm and conditioner. Be sure to use these tools regularly!

Your hair needs extra care. Nutritious mask 1-2 times a week they are very useful. You can use grandmother's recipes. For example: preheat olive oil mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon of mashed wheaten seeds. Apply to the hair and skin of the head, gently massage, put on a rubber cap and wrap it with a heated towel. After 30 minutes, rinse with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

If the home masks are a burden to you, and you are used to the modern rhythm of life, use masks of known cosmetic lines. And in order for the hair to get a healthy shine and filled with strength, use a regenerating or moisturizing hair cream. First, apply the cream on clean towel-dried hair, distribute it over the entire length and dry as usual. Then apply a small amount to the dried hair for additional fixation and smoothness of the curls.

Try to save your hair from unnecessary stress - blow-drying, thermo-lining, curling, dyeing. Any nutritional mask can not fully protect your hair from such destructive effects for them.

Curly hair is more useful to cut with "hot scissors" - they cease to be cut and retain natural moisture.

Great value for the health and beauty of curly hair is played by a haircut. Ideal for an average length and uneven edges. Do not cut your hair too short - your hair will look too bulky and look untidy. Haircut should be natural and simple. Then the result will be really spectacular.

When laying curly hair, try to use less chemicals, give them a natural look.

It is better to use products containing extracts from medicinal herbs. Instead of the usual varnish, you can try special fixatives for curly hair.

Look for yourself. Try and experiment. After all, curly hair is your reward, many have to dream about it.

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