Square face shape. Choose a hairstyle and style

To your style was harmonious, you need to choose the right hairstyle, makeup, eyebrow shape, eyeglass frames and accessories. In this article, we will help you choose the perfect style for women with a square face shape.

Hairstyles for a square face

The square face shape is characterized by having approximately the same length and width. Your chin can be slightly extended downwards, and the jaw, cheekbones and forehead have the same width, are on the same line. The hair growth line is also very likely square.

Your goal in selecting a harmonious image is to soften heavy lines with hair and accessories. Try visually to extend the face and round the line of the chin.

hairstyle for a square face In order to make the face more elongated, you can recommend a small bang. Only not thick (not to emphasize the heavy chin), and combed on one side and trimmed with layers. You will fit a little asymmetrical bangs. It is better to wear an oblique part, which should be done not from the side of the head, but slightly away from the line of the central part.

hairstyle for a square face Try to experiment with asymmetrical hairstyles, they will help to soften rough features. The square shape of the face can be narrowed and lengthened with straight hair, long to the shoulders and below. Cover the corners of the lower jaw with your hair.

You will be fine with a soft style in your hair, especially when the face is framed with locks and curls. A light, free hairstyle will smooth out the strong features of your face and give it femininity.

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That to you approaches:

hairstyle for a square face

  • High hairstyles visually stretch the face;
  • side parting, or lack of selection;
  • hair trimmed with steps;
  • wavy curls;
  • asymmetrical haircuts and hairstyles;
  • long hair.

    You do not fit:

  • short haircuts;
  • straight hair;
  • Hairstyles and haircuts with voluminous strands in the area of ​​cheekbones and jaw.
  • long thick bangs, which further increase the face width and weight its lower part.
  • symmetrical hairstyles and combed back hair
  • Avoid haircuts with a length of hair to the chin, as well as any short hairstyles that open completely your face.

    Choose glasses for a square type face

    Women with a square face when selecting glasses should remember that your face lines need to be softened. Therefore, when choosing glasses, consider the following nuances:

  • narrow frames and frames with a rounded upper part, help to round out the contours of the face;
  • if you choose a wider frame, compared with the size of the glasses, you visually extend the face;
  • you will benefit from looking at glasses with colored frames or with decorations on the outer corners of glasses. This will distract attention from the defects of the face;
  • the width of the glasses should not go beyond your face.

    What kind of hat do you like

    Choose asymmetrical hats with distracting fashionable inserts.

    The high top of the hat will help make your face longer. The hat can be pushed slightly to one side to soften your square shape.

    Choose earrings for a square face shape

    Choose earrings with a round or angular shape - this is the best option for you. Avoid square earrings!

    It is important that your earrings are longer than wide. Earrings-rings and earrings in the form of droplets can also decorate you.

    Eyebrow shape for a square face shape

    For a square face, one can recommend a broken form of eyebrows with a high peak or a curved shape with a high rise. Such eyebrows will distract attention from the heavy chin on the square face.

    In general, on the square face any form of eyebrows looks good. Eyebrows can not weight the square line of the chin. The only rule that you need to remember is not to pluck your eyebrows too thinly, otherwise there will be disharmony in the proportions of the face.

    Make up for a square face

    In makeup, you have all the same tasks - to make the face more elongated and slightly round.

    Apply a darker base on the whiskey, side face and lower jaw. The central part of the chin should be slightly lighter than the lateral lines.

    Blush is applied directly to the cheekbones towards the upper edge of the ear. The line of blush should be under a big slope to slightly extend the square face.

    Using our tips, you can create an ideal, harmonious image that will be your main key to success.

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