Lamination of hair

Lamination of hair To look like the stars from the cover of a glossy magazine, not enough conventional means for hair care, you need something special. The stars of show business always look amazing, their hairstyles with brilliant flowing strands can only be envied, but now with new achievements in cosmetology, shining beautiful smooth hair without split ends is the reality not only of celebrities, but also of all comers. To do this, you just need to come to the salon for the procedure of laminating hair.

Types and methods of hair lamination:

What is hair lamination?

The combination of "laminating hair" to many seems strange, but in fact there is nothing supernatural. Lamination of hair in many ways is similar to the usual lamination, for example, paper. It is laminated in order for it to remain intact and not tear, the same purpose is pursued by laminating hair.

Lamination of hair is the application of a special composition, as a result of which a breathable microfilm forms on the hair, which resists damage. "Laminated" hair grows in volume up to 10-15%, it acquires dazzling brilliance and smoothness. If it is a question of wavy and curly hair, there is no need to worry that the lamination will straighten them, the procedure will simply give them a healthy look and shine.

To understand why hair needs lamination, you need to remember the structure of the hair. It is a trunk littered with scales.

In a healthy new hair that has not yet experienced any damage, scales fit tightly to the hair shaft, but over time and under the influence of various factors they peel off - the hair becomes rough, the tip is dissected, and there is no shine, because the reflecting surface is broken. Lamination covers this damaged surface, the film seals the ends, "glues" the scales back to the trunk and forms a new surface - more elastic, shiny and smooth.

The Benefits of Lamination for Hair

Lamination does not do any harm to the hair, it can be repeated countless times. The composition of the laminating mass is protein, and due to it, the hair, in addition to being alive and shiny, becomes very flexible and withstands mechanical damage, such as combing, and others - the effects of sea salt, wind, frost. The film covering the hair allows it to breathe, at the same time, blocking the release of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and moisture from the hair structure.

The composition for lamination is rich in useful substances, which for a long time work in the hair.

How do hair lamination?

Laminating hair can be done in 2-3 approaches - it all depends on the condition of the hair and the desired result. The hair after the procedure is covered with a cellulose film that protects it from the outside and keeps the pigment inside.

That is why lamination is recommended to do after dyeing the hair - the color will last longer, because first the protective film is washed off the hair, and only then the paint is washed off. Lamination lasts up to 6 weeks. All this time, the film covers the damaged hair, hiding the split ends and porosity, sealing them with themselves.

With lamination, the hair is better fitted with a hair dryer, but it looks amazing even without styling.

Types of Laminating Hair

Lamination can be transparent or colored. The composition, which is applied to hair like a mask, is exposed to hair for 20-25 minutes, then washed off. Color hair lamination can be called ion dyeing technology.

The hair has a positive charge, and the composition pigment is negative, as a result of which they are strongly attracted to each other, thereby ensuring the durability of the coating. During the lamination procedure, the hair is taken in as much composition as necessary.

The film starts to wash off gradually and after 4-6 weeks the procedure can be repeated.

For the lamination procedure, there are no contraindications, it can be done on hair of any length and any degree of damage. Especially recommended for hair, exhausted staining.

The lamination procedure is usually performed in beauty salons, but if desired, it can be done at home.

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