Laminating hair at home

Laminating hair at home

Laminating hair at home

The procedure of lamination is usually performed in beauty salons, because to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to test the condition of the hair and find the necessary means, determine the holding time, etc. However, due to the fact that lamination is not a cheap procedure, from 40 to 100 dollars, some women try to save: they master the lamination technology on their own and conduct it at home.

How to Laminate Your Hair at Home

The most affordable way to laminate hair at home - buy a spray express laminate. This is an economical alternative to full-fledged hair lamination.

Apply spray is very simple: evenly distribute the product on each strand of hair, do not rinse. The effect is maintained until the next wash of the head.

The product optimizes the adhesion of the scales of the hair cuticle, strengthens the outflow of colored hair, gives flexibility and freedom of movement, protecting the dyed hair from external negative influences.

Keratin lamination at home

Another way to give your hair a well-groomed look is keratin hair lamination. On curls put a medical mask containing keratin - a natural protein. This tool is recommended even for straightening curly from the nature of the curls. Recommended composition of keratin mask for hair lamination: eggs, mayonnaise, cosmetic oil and keratin preparation (purchased at the pharmacy).

How to make keratin lamination: Lightly heat 1 tablespoon of castor and burdock oil, add here 2-3 drops of lavender ether, and, of course, a teaspoon of keratin. We put a mask on the hair for an hour, "warming" them with a shower cap. Rinse off with shampoo.

Gelatine lamination at home

Due to the high content of proteins in the gelatine, it acts as a designer for our hair, restores their structure, smoothes the scales. The hair becomes silky and obedient, easily fit into the hairstyle ...

Laminating hair with gelatin is the most common way to bring curls to a decent look at home. The procedure will take a little time. The gelatin contains collagen, which is a natural protein compound. It completely covers the surface of the hair, forming an invisible film. As a result, the curls become much thicker and thicker. Gelatin saturates the hair with nutrients and moisturizes them perfectly.

Laminating gelatin mask with milk. Dissolve gelatin in warm milk (one to three), strain. Add in the mixture 2 tablespoons of hair balm and vitamins in ampoules A, E (one tsp). Session time - 30-60 minutes. This mask perfectly nourishes, smoothes hair, makes them obedient and shiny.

Gelatine lamination with juice. This option mask will help give hair a vibrant shade and shine. Blondes should use lemon juice, and brunettes - carrot juice.

Dilute gelatin with juice in a proportion of 1 to 3. Preheat the mixture in a water bath and dissolve the gelatin. Apply on curls for 1 hour.

Gelatin mask on the herbs. Prepare herbal decoction (nettle, chamomile, burdock, etc.). We raise gelatin in herbal infusion (200 ml) in proportions 1 to 3, add a spoonful of baby shampoo.

Laminating gelatin mask with cocoa. 2-3 tablespoons of dry cocoa powder stir in a glass of hot water. Add a tablespoon of instant gelatin, stir and strain. Add a teaspoon of your favorite cosmetic oil. Distribute the composition on the curls and leave for 1-2 hours, wash with shampoo. Mask with cocoa should like dark-haired girls, it will give a light chocolate shade, shine and silky. Hair will grow faster.

Laminating hair with oils

Laminating masks based on oils with gelatin restore damaged hair structure, make them obedient. As a basis, your favorite cosmetic oil (castor, jojoba, almond, avocado, etc.) will suit your needs.

Laminating mask with burdock oil. Powder gelatin diluted in water, then add to the resulting composition of a spoonful of butter burdock and all the good stir and put on curls.

Laminating with cocoa butter. This component is solid, so it must be melted before use. When solidified on hair, cocoa butter covers them with a nutrient protective film, so you do not need to add gelatin to such a mask. To 100 ml of melted cocoa butter, add a teaspoon of grape seed oil, 2 teaspoons of sea-buckthorn (or other) oil. Lightly cool the mask and apply it to clean hair. Now wrap your head with cellophane and a towel for 1 hour. The composition of the mask can also include peach, burdock, coconut oil. Hair will become smooth and soft, like silk.

Laminating with coconut milk

Coconut mask with olive oil. 2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk mix with a spoon of olive oil (you can take coconut, burdock or almond oil). Preheat the mixture in a water bath. In a separate bowl, mix 20 grams of potato starch with half-lemon juice. Combine the starch with coconut milk and mix until thick, cool. If desired, add 2-3 drops of essential oil ylang-ylang or patchouli to the mask. Apply the mixture to the hair for 1-2 hours.

Collagen lamination

Collagen masks can be done not only in the salon, but at home, if you buy a pharmacy pre-collagen. This procedure will help to restore damaged strands and smooth the structure of the hair. To prepare the mask you need a conditioner for hair, preparations with keratin and collagen (they can be bought at the pharmacy), as well as nutrients. The classic mask recipe for medium hair: 3 tablespoons of conditioner, a teaspoon of keratin and collagen, 2-3 drops of orange or argan oil. Distribute the product along the entire length of the curls and warm it for 1 hour.

Laminating hair with liquid silk

Liquid silk is a very fashionable component that is part of many modern hair care products. Proteins of silk protect hair, smooth, make the color more saturated. Laminating silk heals curls. In their structure gets silk fibroin, which retains moisture inside. To conduct the procedure at home, you need to buy a special tool and follow the instructions.

Professional lamination and biolamination, if you really want, you can do yourself, most importantly - to buy suitable funds.

To laminate produced a noticeable result, the procedure must necessarily analyze the structure and health of the hair, choose the best means for cleaning and nutrition, restore the balance of moisture.

Choose a drug for laminating hair

Below are the most popular formulations for lamination, which can be used at home.

1. Matrix Color. This product is often used by professional masters, as it is produced in several variations, specially designed for different types of hair. Some people will prefer a more sparing composition, and if the effect needs more tangible, one should choose a variant with a deeper effect on the structure of the hair.

2. Estel I Neo Crystal. Another no less popular composition for laminating hair at home. It will be ideal for girls with colored or streaked hair, since it helps to fix the pigment in the hair structure.

3. Lebel Cosmetics. This quality product from Japan contains natural ingredients, as a result you are able to carry out hair balamination at home without spending a lot of time. Hair looks well-groomed for a long time.

4. "L'Oreal Professional". Preparations for lamination from Loreal are relatively inexpensive and are mainly intended for house procedure. To achieve the optimum result, you should choose the makeup appropriate to your hair type (colored, discolored, melted, etc.).

5. "Lombok". This is a quality Korean cosmetics, which gained wide popularity in Russia. The main components of the laminating composition are keratin, silk, protein and essential oils. Thanks to natural ingredients, this compound is absolutely safe for hair.

How to do lamination at home

The hair laminating agent is usually produced as a colorless gel. Preparations for color lamination will have a tint chosen by you.

1. In the beginning, the hair must be thoroughly washed, dried and combed.

2. Distribute the nourishing mask evenly over the entire length of the curls. After the required time, rinse.

3. Apply the laminating composition to the curls in a thick layer. Wrap the hair in film or foil and warm it with a towel.

4. Heat the hair with a hot hair dryer for 10 minutes.

5. After the time indicated on the packaging (about 1 hour), rinse hair with water without using shampoo.

6. Dry hair, and then straighten with ironing.

And to the note: Before buying laminating media, we advise you to spend once and make lamination from a good master.

This will help you get acquainted with the technology of performing this complicated procedure, and at the same time get professional advice about your hair.

Master will tell you how much these "newfangled" procedures are suitable for your hair. And after that you will be able to determine exactly whether you need to spend money on buying laminating drugs, and also how accurately you understand the technology of doing this procedure.

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