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Exercises for beauty and harmony of legs

What does it mean - beautiful legs?

There are observations that the length and shape of the legs can tell a lot about the nature of their possessor. Long-legged women are often romantic, too sensitive and loving to dream; women with short legs stand firmly on the ground, although their mood is changeable: they are full of joy and hope, then they see everything in black colors.

Long-legged often can not cope with everyday problems, and short-legged ones solve them with ease. However, the long-legged adhere to their own firm principles, the short-legged ones are realists, they can change their views without too much experience and are easily persuaded. It is also noticed that people are timid, uncommunicative, they go with their toes inward (slightly squinting). And when a woman is happy in love, her gait becomes light and beautiful.

And what does it mean - beautiful legs? Here are a few signs of the beauty of the feet, noticed by Czech experts (perhaps just connoisseurs of female beauty):

  • the leg circumference under the knee should be the same (or approximately the same) as the leg circumference in the ankle joint region;
  • On the sides of the knee there should be no protruding parts;
  • on the back of the knee should be a depression;
  • Calf muscles should be developed, but in moderation;
  • Achilles tendon should be thin and have indentations on both sides;
  • The heel should have rounded outlines;
  • The ideal hip in shape should resemble a spindle;
  • finally, ideal legs, if you stand up straight, putting them together, they will touch in certain places, forming four "windows": the first - between the heels and ankles; the second - above the ankles; the third - under the knees; the fourth - above the knees at the level of the lower part of the thigh. The last "window" should be the narrowest.

    Exercises for the feet

    1. Put your hands on the back of the chair, crouch, slowly bending your knees and climbing your toes. Gradually, you need to speed up the pace and do sit-ups deeper. This is a very effective exercise for strengthening the muscles of the legs and improving blood supply in them.

    2. Stand upright, with your hands on your hips or with your hands behind the back of a chair. One foot should be placed on the toe as high as possible. Now lower it to the full stop, and put another foot on the toe. The movements are rhythmic, springy.

    3. Lying on his back, waving both arms and legs at the same time as a beetle, turned on its back. This exercise improves blood circulation and warms up the whole body.

    4. Lying on his back, press his straightened legs tightly to each other for 5 seconds; then relax the muscles. After that, for 5 seconds, press your feet to the floor; relax again.

    5. Turn over on the belly and vigorously lift alternately the shin of each leg, trying to get a heel on the buttock.

    Source: fortunita.info

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