Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup

The first stage: a contour pencil.

Pencils for the lips outline the shape of the mouth. With the help of lipstick, you can slightly adjust the shape of the lips, but the main corrector is a pencil.

The lip liner should be soft enough to not damage the skin around the mouth, but it is not very greasy so that the contour does not spread. It should not be too dry, because in this case the contour drawn by it will begin to crack when you smile or just talk.

Lip pencil should match the tone with lipstick. A modern make-up of the lips is such that the pencil should not be seen at all.

Professional makeup artists even refuse to use a pencil and immediately draw a brush with a shape of the lips.

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How to use a pencil? In a contour pencil carefully draw a line of lips. Start from the center of the upper lip, drawing the outline to the corners. Then, on the lower lip, draw a line from the left to the right corner. To make the line smooth and sharp, lead it with soft, short strokes. The lines of the upper and lower lips should be connected in corners. If the line does not work, you can put points close to each other.

Contouring makes the lips embossed. To make the lips look fuller, the contour should be drawn just above the natural line of the lips. And vice versa, to make the full lips seem thinner, draw the contour line of the natural edge of the lips. It is also called satin.

Choose the color of lipstick

Correctly chosen color of lipstick plays a huge role in makeup. Successful shades of lipstick can make your face fresher and younger, and the wrong tones will give the skin a painful look, make you older. The color of lipstick stylists recommend to choose the color appearance.

Brush for lipstick

When you work with a brush, you draw all the small wrinkles on the surface of the lips, and when you apply the usual lipstick, you try to stretch the mouth, you have a deformed outline. In addition, the brush makes it possible to mix lipstick. This brings you closer to a professional who never paints lips in one color. The one-color make-up of the lips makes the face formless, which is ugly. The face is beautiful - this face is embossed, and beautiful lips should also be embossed. To do this, you need to play with light and shadow: make a dark foundation, and put more light lipstick or shine on the projecting places with a brush.

How to apply lipstick correctly?

It seems that every woman can paint lips. Indeed, that in this difficult - take lipstick and forward: a couple of strokes and makeup is ready. But in fact, it's not so simple. There is a certain technique of lip makeup .

First you need to clean your lips with a special tonic and apply a thin layer of cream or hygienic lipstick on them. In order that the lipstick kept on the lips as long as possible and retain the original appearance, it must be applied in three stages:

1. Draw the entire surface of the lips with a contour pencil. Do not forget that the pencil should be the same color as the lipstick, or one tone darker. If the outline is too prominent, blend it with a brush. Apply the first layer of lipstick. It is best to use a special brush for this.

2. Wipe off the excess with a blotting cloth and lightly powder the mouth.

3. Apply another layer of lipstick. To emphasize the shape of the lips, apply a lighter lipstick on the middle part of the lower lip.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss gives the lips a well-groomed appearance, it is ideal for natural, daytime make-up, as well as for make-up with a focus on the eyes. When applying lip gloss, a contour pencil is not used. Shine will help visually increase the lips, it can be used daily and replace hygienic lipstick.

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Lip Makeup Tips

Lubricate the lips with a toning cream for the lips with a sponge - the lipstick will be evenly distributed and stay longer.

Too bright a contour looks unnatural. To pencil line was barely noticeable, shade it (for example, an applicator). If the contours are too hard or wide, pound them with the applicator inward. It's good to paint and pencil lips, it will become a kind of base for lipstick: its color will become more intense, and it will last longer.

With an emphasis on the eyes of the lips it is better to tint the restraint. Conversely, if the lips have a bright red signal tone, eye makeup should be muffled. The underline of the lips and eyes with equal force looks unnatural.

To make the painted lips noble-matte, on the closed lips, stick a paper napkin in one layer and abundantly powder the lips on top of it. The napkin acts like a sieve: lets exactly the same amount of powder as needed, well fixing the lipstick and making it matte.

If you have a round face , it is better not to draw curved lip contours, preferring straight, clear lines. A narrow and thin face, on the contrary, seems feminine, if the lips are well painted and shiny.

If you have thin lips , they will visually increase the light lipstick and lip gloss applied over lipstick.

With full lips, avoid shine and too bright tones of lipstick. Gorgeous look lips, tinted only contour pencil and from this matte.

If the teeth by nature have a yellowish tinge, they will appear even more yellowish between the lips, painted in a brownish or yellowish-red color. In this case, it is better to choose bluish and not very dark shades of red.

Calling-bright scarlet tones fit girls with rounded lips. In adulthood, slightly softened red, brownish and pinkish tints are preferable.

If the lips are applied only shine, then they do not get a pencil.

In the daytime, too dark lipsticks should be avoided.

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