Arabian makeup

Surely many women have ever dreamed of feeling like a mysterious eastern princess, the heroine of Arabian tales from 1001 nights. Today, this dream can be translated into reality with the help of Arabic make-up, the technique of which has a centuries-old history.

The accent in the Arabian make-up is made on eyes, passionate and bewitching sight of which is able to captivate the heart of even the most resistant to the female charm of the man. It is believed that this makeup looks more natural on dark-haired women with brown and green eyes, but blonde blue-eyed beauties can try it on themselves provided that cosmetics are used in a suitable color range.

Qualitatively executed Arabian make-up should look spectacular and flawless. Therefore, it is important to know the basic rules and techniques for applying it or to seek help from a professional make-up artist.

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Basic rules for applying Arab makeup

1. The whole emphasis is on the eyes and eyebrows, cheekbones and lips do not vividly stand out. Therefore, the blush should be soft colors, without gloss and with the effect of light tan, and lipstick for lip makeup - gentle calm matte shades (pink, coral, light brown).

2. The eyebrows are distinguished by a line of a distinct curved shape slightly larger than their natural length, which gives the look of the mystery inherent in oriental beauties.

3. Wiring and a cosmetic pencil should be black.

4. All movements when applying makeup in the area of ​​the corners of the lips, eyebrows and eyes are made in the direction from the center of the face to the side and up.

Arabian makeup. Technique of application

1. That bright paints did not look defiantly it is necessary to make correction of a skin of the face - to make its gentle, smooth and equal. To do this, a face cream and powder are applied to the face in accordance with the rules of European make-up. The shades of the foundation are chosen based on the type of appearance and color of the skin.

2. Shadows are applied to the surface along the entire length of the eyelid under the lower eyelashes and above the upper eyelashes to the eyebrow line with a thick brush. In the beginning, shadows of light, calm shades (white, gray, beige) are used, and then they are selected with shadows of bright blacks. It should acquire a greater saturation as it approaches the outer corners of the eyes and the line of growth of the eyelashes.

3. Using thick black eyeliner close to the line of the eyelashes, accurate upper and lower arrows are drawn with neat lines, giving the eyes an almond shape.

4. The upper eyelashes should look longer and thicker, so they stand out in several layers of mascara. On the lower eyelashes for contrast with the upper mascara is applied in one layer.

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It is important to know that Arabian makeup is used only on special occasions, when it is necessary to produce a stunning effect, for example on a bright party in honor of any significant date or romantic dinner with a lover. But he is not at all relevant as a make-up for everyday life.

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