Asian makeup

Asian eyes have their own distinctive features from European ones. As a rule, they are small in size, narrow, with impending eyelids. That's why women with Asian eye shape use special techniques in make-up, which make it possible to make the eyes more expressive.

Asian girls prefer bright, bold colors. Their nature has endowed with a beautiful, clear line of lips, so that in the make-up of the lips they try to emphasize with juicy, catchy shades.

How to make Asian makeup

So, to perform a beautiful make-up in the Asian style, we follow the following rules.

1. To visually increase the shape of the eyes , feel free to use liquid eyeliner and bright colors of shadows.

2. Long eyelashes will make your eyes bigger. You should use false eyelashes , or build them up in the cabin. If you have sparse eyelashes directed downwards, twist them upwards with the help of special tweezers, and then apply several layers of "heavy" extension mascara .

3. It is possible to curl the eyelashes permanently, this will provide a long, stunning effect and will facilitate the daily make-up procedure. However, be careful, the curling of eyelashes from an unqualified specialist can end sadly: eyelashes can be burned, infectious, get allergies or even lose them altogether.

4. The shape of the eyebrows should be clear and accurate. They must be smoothed with a brush. In the make-up of eyebrows, choose shades slightly lighter than your natural, or slightly lighten them with a special paint. This will help make your appearance more feminine.

5. Some Asian women want to bring the eye closer to the European, so they resort to the following trick: apply a special glue or adhesive strip on the eyelid to create an additional fold. This product can be purchased at specialized cosmetics stores. Attached is a detailed instruction.

6. Give a beautiful lip contour with a pencil, then apply a bright shade of lipstick or lip gloss .

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Having learned to properly perform makeup in the Asian style, you will conquer others with its originality, and also feel confident when traveling in Eastern countries.

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