Makeup for blondes

Blonde beauties have always enjoyed great success with members of the opposite sex. The ability to competently emphasize the dignity of your appearance with the help of make-up can make this beauty even more dazzling.

When choosing makeup remedies for natural blondes, you need to take into account your eye color and hair color, dyed blondes - besides this, the color of the skin, which they tend to have a bit darker.

Basic rules of makeup for blondes:

1. Select the tone. To give a little color of pale nature to the skin of blondes with golden hair and blue, blue or gray eyes, a choice of foundation , powder and rouge of light pink, pink-white or rosy-bodily tones will help. If the skin has a yellowish tinge, then yellow-pink or light-flesh tones are suitable.

Blondes with eyes of the same color but a darker shade of hair are recommended to use powder and blush of peach tones. Owners of ashy hair and brown eyes are ideal for the tone and powder of a brownish or yellowish hue and a blush of brown tones.

The natural make-up will be given by the use of a moisturizing toning cream and a transparent powder with light-reflecting particles. Using a bronzing powder will add skin color of light tan, but in this case, do not overdo it, because the blonde's too dark complexion looks unnatural.

2. Eye make-up

It is best to choose eye and eyebrow cosmetics of gray and brown colors and not use black at all. The darker the shade of hair, the darker the color of the pencil should be used: for golden hair - light gray and light brown, for hair with a light tinge - dark gray, for ashy hair - dark brown.

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Ink. When choosing carcasses, you need to know that brown is suitable for blondes with dark eyes, blue or gray for blue-eyed and gray-eyed.

Shadows. The choice of shadows is also based on eye color. Blondes with gray or blue eyes are appropriate for silver or gray-blue shades, for brown-eyed - gray and brown tones.

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3. Make up lips

The choice of the color scheme of lipstick for blondes is determined by day or evening make-up.
For daytime makeup blondes are ideally suited for calm unobtrusive tones - tender pink, beige, golden, coral. With a lighter shade of hair, it is better to use a pink color scheme if the hair is darker - beige and golden.

For evening make-up, blondes are recommended to choose lipsticks of bright pink and coral shades.

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