Eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo Eyebrow tattooing is a modern procedure, which has been practiced by the leading beauty salons relatively recently and has not yet received wide circulation. He helps quickly, without resorting to the help of shadows and pencils, to create an ideal shape for your appearance and keep it for a long time.

Eyebrow tattooing: what are the advantages?

1. It is possible for 2-3 years to forget about daily piping and tinting eyebrows

2. The monthly trips to the salon to bring the eyebrows in order are canceled

3. Eyebrow tattooing practically does not require any care!

The only effort on your part after tattooing is to periodically remove the growing hairs protruding from its area. Is not it worth trying?

Ways of eyebrow tattooing

According to the technique of execution, there are 2 ways of applying tattoo on the eyebrows - "hair to hair" and "soft feathering". In the first case, individual missing hairs are drawn, which subsequently replace the present ones. This method is suitable only for women who have natural eyebrows of dark color. Otherwise, the drawn dashes become very noticeable.

With "soft shading" a solid line is applied, producing an effect of perfectly penciled eyebrows or pencils, which looks very natural and attractive.

How to make eyebrow tattoos

Before the procedure of tattooing in the salon you will be offered, based on the type of appearance, the ideal color and shape of the eyebrows.

The procedure itself occurs under local anesthesia. Do not worry, if immediately after applying tattoo, the eyebrow will noticeably swell and look unattractive. Swelling rapidly decreases, but the result of the procedure can be assessed no earlier than 2 weeks later.

The most characteristic mistakes during the tattoo of the eyebrows are a violation of visual asymmetry, a skewed and incorrectly chosen shape of the eyebrows, an incorrect selection of the eyebrow tint. If correction is required, it is done in the cabin after about a month, when all the shortcomings are most fully revealed.

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