Makeup for brunettes

make-up for brunettes

Proper make-up can create a miracle with any woman. It is believed that brunettes have a special charm, powerful energy, are active and sensual, so when creating an image, you just need to emphasize these features in makeup.

It is a mistake to think that make-up for brunettes is an exceptionally bright, bright color. To choose the perfect makeup palette for dark-haired women of fashion, you need to consider several parameters: a hint of eyes, skin and hair.

Makeup for brunettes with gray and blue eyes

Light, sparkling eyes against the background of dark hair create the impression of a refined, feminine nature. Accordingly, in makeup it is desirable to use not too bright, muted shades.

If you want to add brightness to your image, focus on the lips. Gently draw the shape of the lips with a brown pencil, then give them volume using gloss. Lipstick can be dark cherry, burgundy, nutty.

To determine the correct makeup tones, pay attention to the shade of the eyes: icey, cold shades of gray, gray-blue will harmoniously look with shades of cold shades: metallic blue, gray, blue.

Brunettes with a warm, juicy eye tone (sky-blue with yellow specks, gray-green, light-hazel) will suit shades of beige, milky, golden hues, coffee with milk, brown, light green. Contour pencil or stroke should be from dark brown to light brown. Avoid black.

Expressive light eyes will give a subtle, barely noticeable line of podvodki. However, ideally for a circuit it will be better to use a pencil of softer shades.

For solemn occasions, do not be afraid to use a smoky, smoky make-up "smoky eyes" with a smooth transition of color.

On brunettes with light eyes, shadows-twins will harmoniously look, which will help to create a natural color transition from light to dark.

Mascara is better to choose a gray or brown shade. Apply mascara not more than 1-2 layers. The line of eyebrows is desirable to decorate not too brightly, in the tone of the eyelashes.

Makeup for brunettes with light eyes (blue, gray-green, gray, light-brown, etc.) and light shades of hair.

In makeup brunettes with light eyes there should be no contrasting shades, they will give your image an unnatural, puppet appearance.

When choosing blush, pay attention to the color of your skin, blush should be darker by 1-2 colors, not more. It is recommended to select only cheekbones, for example, with a dark nut color. Too light blush can give the brunette a painful look.

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