Cat's make-up

One of the simplest and at the same time stylish types of makeup is the cat's eye makeup. Bright and expressive eyes, gentle and sensual view attract attention of others and give an image of charm and mystery. This make-up will allow you to always be in the center of attention, both on a romantic date and at a glamorous party.

Cat's make-up is applied in the following sequence:

1. From the inner corner of the eye, a delicate, clear line is drawn along the contour of the upper lashes by means of a pencil or eyeliner. When approaching the outer corner of the eye, the line thickens and bends upwards towards the middle of the temple.

The line along the contour of the lower lashes is drawn in the same way and is connected to the upper line at the outer corner of the eye. Obtained arrows that create a cat's look

2. With the help of a liquid liner, the inner corner of the eye is indicated.

3. Over the shooter, shadows of dark color are applied, and the transitions are gently shaded to give the smoke effect a look.

4. The eyebrow line is highlighted with a pencil.

5. To give the image of completeness, the eyelashes are stained with several layers of ink.

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