How to choose the color of lipstick to face

Successfully matched lipstick will help improve the complexion, give the look expressiveness. An unfortunate shade of lipstick can do mischief with your appearance: give a pale, painful look, make a face several years older.

To properly choose the color of lipstick, which will look flawless on the face, you need to determine your color appearance.

Lipstick color should be combined with your skin, hair color and eyes. Then your eyes will become more expressive, and the complexion - healthy and fresh.

Determine the color appearance of the exterior

The first task is to determine whether you belong to a warm or cold type of appearance. By teplomotsvetotipu refer girls who have a hair golden, honey or rusty hue, eye color - green, light brown, bright blue with yellow specks. The skin has a warm beige or golden palate. If in doubt, put a bright orange or coral cloth (shawl, kerchief, etc.) on your face. If the look was fresh, a blush appeared on your face - you are a warm-hearted person.

Warm color-type: shades of lipstick

You will use warm colors of lipstick: coral, all shades of scarlet, peach, brown, orange, beige, or neutral pink. The lighter the shade of your skin, the more tender your lipstick color should be. For example, light-skinned blondes with honey or light brown hair are suitable for lipsticks of peach, coral, pink, scarlet, sand, beige. Red-haired and bright brown-haired women are suitable for warm caramel, terracotta, chocolate, orange.

Cold color type: shades of lipstick

For girls with a cold type of appearance are characterized by ashy, smoky, brown hues of hair, ice-gray or blue eyes, a cold bluish subtle skin. To discard doubts, attach a gray-blue or bright blue cloth to your face. If the face has become more fresh and young, then you are a representative of a cold color. Your shades of lipstick: cold pink, silvery, plum, burgundy, wine, all shades of lilac. If you are an ashen blonde with fair skin, choose gentle, pastel colors - silvery pink, lilac. The darker the skin and hair, the brighter lipstick you can afford.

Choose a lipstick in the shape of the lips

By its structure, lipsticks differ in matte, glossy and pearly. If you have too chubby lips , it is better to buy a matte lipstick, because excessive shine will make them even more bulky and plump.

For lips of a narrow shape, pearly lipstick or transparent shine will suit, thus the lips will gain an additional volume. Do not choose too bright and dark lipstick, your lips will look like two thin strings.

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