Casual Makeup

Make-up for every day

The basic rule of everyday make-up is to draw attention to the dignity of the exterior and to properly conceal the shortcomings. Properly executed everyday make-up looks unobtrusive and natural, emphasizes your natural beauty and leaves a favorable impression.

The process of everyday make-up consists of the following consecutive stages:

1. Applying a tonal basis. Thus powder and a voice-frequency cream are distributed on a skin of the face easy easy movements by means of a sponge or a down jacket.

2. Emphasize facial features with the help of blush. For light skin, peach or gently pink blush is best suited, for swarthy skin - light brown, for slightly tanned skin - beige shades. Blush should be applied to the cheekbones.

3. Creating a clearly defined eye contour. To do this, you need to use a pencil, eyeliner and a shade of natural light colors, as the makeup for each day should be done in soft, soft tones. The final touch at this stage is the careful application of the carcass to the upper and lower cilia.

4. Apply gloss and lipstick pastel tones to the lips. You can use glitter to give your lips a nice plumpness.

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