Day makeup

Correctly applied daytime make-up includes smooth lines, a palette of light soft tones and soft lip gloss. The main principle that must be observed is the maximum naturalness, which allows him to remain practically invisible on his face.

Applying daytime make-up is not an easy task and requires a certain skill. Observance of the rules below will help you to master this science faster.

1. For an even distribution of tones, make sure that when applying make-up, the light on the face falls from above, and not from the side.

2. Hide shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of appearance can be a combination of light and dark tones. With the help of light tones, a visual increase and widening of the contours is achieved, while dark ones decrease. When overlapping tones, the boundaries between them are carefully shaded.

3. The choice of foundation is based on the type and color of the skin. For normal skin, moisturizing cream-fluid with the label "oil free" is ideally suited, for dry - a creamy tone with oils and moisturizing effect marked "oil". A color tone test is best done by applying a small amount to the chin and in case it fits the color of the skin, use it.

4. Blush is applied to the places of natural blush. The color of the blush is chosen depending on the skin color: for pale - light pale pink shades, for golden - warm beige and light brown.

5. When choosing the color of the carcass, you need to remember that blondes are best suited for brown mascara, for brunettes - black. If the eyelashes are thick, it is better not to use an extension ink. To make the makeup look easy and natural, do not use mascara, giving the eyelashes extra volume. To get the effect of radiant eyes, apply light pearl shadows to the inner corner of the eye.

6. Lips should look gentle and light. To do this, use a lipstick of light pastel colors and translucent lip gloss. When using a pencil it is necessary that its color match the color of the lipstick.

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