Home make-up

Every woman should be able to apply makeup properly. Already in adolescence, girls turn for a long time in front of a mirror, experimenting with cosmetics.

Women perform make-up at home everyday, going to work or visiting, so our main goal is to make it as quickly, beautifully and neatly as possible.

How to Make Makeup at Home

1. First of all you need to level the skin tone. For this, a light transparent foundation cream is suitable. The color of the base is selected as closely as possible with a shade of your skin, so that the make-up looks natural. A thin layer of cream hide dark circles under the eyes and small wrinkles.

2. We put our eyebrows in order. They should be clear in shape and neatly smoothed. Do not pluck your eyebrows too much, in modern fashion, emphasis is placed on naturalness. With a light touch of a cosmetic pencil, draw a clear line of eyebrows, which will give an expressive look.

3. We give the volume to the cilia. To do this, we apply one or two layers of carcass and thoroughly comb the cilia with a brush.

4. Apply a light shade to the eyelids. The outer corners of the eyes can be identified with shadows 1-2 shades darker.

5. Circle the eye contour along the line of eyelash growth with the help of liquid liner or liner. The look becomes expressive.

6. Apply a light transparent blush on the cheekbones. To evenly distribute the blush on the skin without spots and lumps, you should shake the brush.

7. Apply a transparent shine on the lips.

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